Alien: Isolation Survivor Mode & add-on DLC detailed

Alien: Isolation's Survivor Mode and five supporting DLC packs have been announced by SEGA and Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products.

Survivor Mode was first revealed at E3 this summer, challenging players to compete in confrontations with the Alien. With only limited resources available, players must make use of whatever items come into their possession if they hope to survive.

One playable Survivor Mode map – Basement - will ship with the game, followed by the first of five Survivor Mode add-on packs on October 28. The first add-on will offer three new maps, s new playable character and a variety of enemy types.

The four remaining add-ons will launch in the months that follow, each featuring a new playable character and a mix of new maps and game modes. All DLC will launch before March 2015.

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jznrpg1376d ago

Tired of DLC , especially 5 planned DLC .. I may never buy this , maybe if they bundle all this crap together later down the road , aka GOTY edition. Just give us a complete game for 60$

Zichu1376d ago

I'm still getting the game on release day, probably won't get the DLC though.

Don't really understand why a lot of companies do this, especially when you aren't as big as Ubisoft, EA, and Activision. They seem to get away with this stuff all the time, even though it p***es people off, most people still give into DLC for their games.

Why not just give some of this DLC away for free, this will give them a good name and people might actually buy there games on release day. These suits know how to run a business, but they don't know how to appeal to gamers at all.