Media Create hardware sales (9/8 - 9/14)

This week's Japanese hardware sales include second week sales for the Xbox One.

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Eonjay1547d ago

Oh, my... well if Destiny had that effect in Japan, I can't wait to see the global totals.

Sales up 400% for PS4.
Xbox One is lower than PS4's lowest week. on its second week out.
3DS is King, but I expected more with SSB's 1 million+ debut.

Kayant1547d ago

"Xbox One is lower than PS4's lowest week. on its second week out." - Hey but Death said it's wiped out five weeks of PS4 sales when it launched...

Damn was expecting a drop but not to below 5k in it's first week after launch.

So let's say 2k average per week

8k per month
96k in a year.

Which means it would take about 4 years at that pace to meet Wii U or PS4 launch numbers.

MightyNoX1547d ago


But many people, including me, thought it was gonna do 10k this week.

At this rate, it may fall to three figure sales next month.

MasterCornholio1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

"but Death said it's wiped out five weeks of PS4 sales when it launched..."

That was a dumb thing for him to say. I told him that sales drop quickly after launch but he called me a Sony fanboy for saying that.

I guess I was right and he was wrong and they was only because I used the history of the brands in Japan to come out with that conclusion.

I also find it retarded that people were comparing XB1 launch figures with the PS4s current figures. Like I said before its better to compare launch numbers because sales tend to drop a lot after launch.

Anyways I knew the PS4s sales would increase due to Destiny but I wasn't expecting it to increase that much. I'm actually amazed at how well it's selling in Japan.

If Destiny boosted the PS4s sales by that much in Japan imagine the rest of the world.

G20WLY1547d ago

Selling less than half of the competitions LAST GEN console is never a good sign. Just wow. And this is just one week after it launched. O_O

I never expected it to sell like the PS4, but I honestly expected XBone to sell a bit better than XB360. I guess there's time, but it sure isn't looking too promising at the moment.

1547d ago
pinkcrocodile751547d ago

Guys, It's Japan!

In all honesty, unless you are Japanese or are stakholders in Microsoft, do we really give a monkey's what get's sold in Japan.

I mean it's not exactly the zeitgeist of yester year.

With Taiwan and Korea finally prying loose Japans death grip on the consumer electronics market the Japan of today is a shadow if it's former self.

Gone are the days of Japanese games dominating the globe. Today Japan really hasn't got much to offer.

So... why do we care what they buy?.. I have not F'ing clue personally

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Media Create doesn't count digital so SSB is beyond 1m+

Gemmol1547d ago

ps4 got a nice boost this week, this is good news for sony despite losing over 2 billion

Ck1x1547d ago

Lol, you slipped that one in!
That's not gaming news don't you know...
Gotta love N4G ;)

Geobros1547d ago

I was waiting more 3DS sales with Smash Bros to be honest.

Eonjay1547d ago

But SSB did sell VERY well.

mydyingparadiselost1547d ago

The *new* 3DS announcement is showing its effect, I expect 3DS sales will continue to go down. The real question now is whether the new model will be a big seller.

MSBAUSTX1547d ago

You have to remember that the 3DS has been selling at or above 25K per Week for quite a while now. When you are selling over 100K 3DS per month for several months there are not that many people left waiting to purchase it when a game like smash comes out. It means there is a ton of people that are just going to buy Smash 3Ds.

GdaTyler1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Damn, Vita is hovering dangerously over the 12K line. It needs some releases soon to boost it or it'll drop below 10K. Hopefully Sony drops a megaton for it tomorrow at TGS.

morganfell1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Plenty of great Vita news at the briefing just a few hours ago. Not just remote play but new titles.

Also new Vita titles, like the PS4 titles are getting Chinese localization as Sony pushes into the PRC market.

GdaTyler1547d ago

China is a huge market that has yet to be penetrated. Maybe this is a sign of things to come? :)

morganfell1547d ago

@Tyler. Hopefully. All of the PS4 titles detailed in the conference are being localized in Chinese (Korean as well) except for a few and even those are getting Chinese subtitles. It is obvious Sony is looking long term but not wasting any time with targeted games from day one.

bazinga_911547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Damn a good boost for ps4.
Which game was released for ps4?

Good job sony.

ZeekQuattro1547d ago

Destiny believe it or not.

bazinga_911547d ago


Thanks for answering.

ritsuka6661547d ago

why are all suprised by the PS4 bump? There was a Bundel with one of the biggest marketing of Activision releases for PS4

bazinga_911547d ago

I think because japanese brothers doesn't like FPS Games.
So it's kinda shocking that destiny is giving ps4 a boost.

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