Ferrari Challenge Interview with Mark Cale

Due out in Europe early July (and set for a US release in August courtesy of Activision) for Wii, DS, PS2 and PS3 (with the latter being its flagship format), Ferrari Challenge will be up against stiff competition like Race Driver GRiD and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, so does it have what its takes to make its mark, and establish its own niche within the genre?

A recent showing took place rather appropriately at the Silverstone race track, and with unrestricted access granted to all areas of the paddock and the Ferrari motor homes, this was truly an exciting proposition for any racing fan. Kikizo took the opportunity to interview Mark Cale about his passion for racing and Ferraris, and bringing his racing vision into the home.

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GMWPS33829d ago

and probably the last now that I've achieved this milestone ;-)

GMWPS33829d ago

This game has gone up in my interestometer! I'm now considering to buy it! Ferraris, close racing, damage, weather effects, cars get dirty and dirtier depending on where you drive? Great stuff!

avacadosnorkel3829d ago

people are saying this is potentially the best racing game ever done, a lot of journalists have given a lot of positive remarks as to why it is better than Gran Turismo, we always knew we were better than Forza 2 by a mile, but to show that we are better than Gran Turismo then a lot of things have come true."

GiantEnemyCrab3828d ago

I vote this douchebag as asshat of the gaming industry. If this game flops it should be recorded as one of the biggest smack talk smack downs in gaming history. This guy has insulted the entire 360 fanbase and is now making claims about 2 of the best PROVEN racing games on consoles.