‘Xbox Price Check’ Lets you Compare Online Prices for Xbox One Games

In the digital age, where stores such as Amazon dominate the online market, it’s hard to sort through the multitude of outlets to find the best price for your gaming needs. That’s a gap that Xbox Price Check fills by providing an almost-complete list of available and upcoming Xbox One games – complete with price comparisons between a number of online stores – so you can find the deal that suits you best.

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TearsOfARapper1224d ago

That's fantastic! I hope they start doing this for other systems/games as well! I usually go by Amazon as they tend to follow the trend of price-drops and have many on their own, but this makes it even better!

Are_The_MaDNess1224d ago


something like this have been used for year and years now here in norway.... and its not limited at all to game or xbox games.....

its not like a site like this is something new..

Reddzfoxx1224d ago

Well Norway only helps Norwegians. What is the site link?

ghostface91224d ago

thats cool now the xbox digital store needs to start matching these prices

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