Ultimate Warrior and More leaked in WWE 2K15

Website EXOPHASE has revealed the Achievement list for WWE 2K15. Some of the more notable things spotted are :

Ultimate Warrior is included (his in game picture is used for the Road to WrestleMania mode)

WWE development grounds NXT is included (an achievement in the game is to defeat John Cena using a NXT superstar)

Custom Arenas and Superstar Heads will return (This is my Yard achievement for creating an Arena, One of a Kind achievement for using a Superstar head. )

CM Punk has not been removed from the game (multiple achievements for completing Punk's Rivalry story)


Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn are also confirmed, as their pictures can be seen in the achievements.

*Error. Ultimate Warrior achievement is called "Road to Wrestlemania" and is gained by winning the title at Wrestlemania after winning the Royal Rumble. There is no Road to WrestleMania "mode".

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Rainbowcookie1224d ago

Are those small pics of the achievements from the game?(like ingame)

TheJacksonRGN1224d ago

A mixture of in-game and real world pics.

Rainbowcookie1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

Some extra wrestlers confirmed then. As well as the mohawk undertaker, masked kane and sami zayn etc

DeeboSlice1224d ago

Sweet. Neville confirmed.

CobraKai1224d ago

Hoping they change Warrior's hair to be his more traditional 80s metal hair than his poofed up WM6 hair.

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