'GTA IV' Cutting Room Floor: Rockstar Debated And Nixed Plans To Let Niko Listen To Music Out Of His Car

MTV Multiplayer writes: "What's good enough for Solid Snake was almost good enough for Niko Bellic.

But the creators of "Grand Theft Auto" have confirmed to MTV Multiplayer that a plan to give Niko Bellic a portable music player was removed from the game late in the "GTA IV" development cycle.

Snake has his iPod. Niko, as recently as a couple of months before release, had a cell phone that could play music from game's radio stations. Edge magazine mentioned the feature in its cover story prior to the game's release. But it was cut.

Instead, Niko can only listen to music in cars and a few buildings, pretty much the "GTA" franchise norm. So why did Rockstar keep it that way? Here's what they told us…"

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Silogon3831d ago

Rockstar cut and edited a lot out of the game. for instance, being able to buy homes. Being abl to rampage, being able to collect after the game is over and a host of other features people soaked up in past games of the franchise.

Rock star is no doubt sitting on a wealth of content for the xbox 360's DLC.Wait and see. IT's going to actually be what GTA 4 should've been at launch/

nice_cuppa3831d ago

oh they mean the radio stations !

360 ftw !

Alcohog3831d ago

Snake can do it...