Stop The Over-Hype, You're Killing Games

"It seems that these days not a single game can be announced by its developer/publisher without it blowing up in our faces, clawing for our attention and more importantly, our money.

I'm all for a good bit of marketing, it's fair game to get your product noticed. I prefer the 'guerrilla' marketing techniques myself, like when a publisher will scatter items that are relevant to a game's release around a few cities, leading to a crazed man hunt for a piece of gaming memorabilia.

However, I'm not too fond of games being hyped-up beyond what they are. Obviously we can't speak of hype without mentioning Bungie's sci-fi shooter Destiny. It had a polarizing effect among critics and players, due to high expectations born from irresponsible reporting from gaming's biggest publications after attending preview events, throwing around claims that it'll be the next Halo or bigger and better than Call of Duty and that it'll be the game of the decade - you get the picture.

But I don't really want to talk about Destiny, I enjoyed it and thought it was money well spent, end of." - TGC

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