Gearbox's Next Big Game Is Going to Be Very Different from Borderlands[Kotaku]

Kotaku :

"It was the guns that did it for the Borderlands games, wasn't it? Thousands, millions, umpty-trillions of weapons to find, collect and love more than some actual flesh-and-blood human beings. Well, in Battleborn, the people who made those games want to do for characters what they did for guns in Borderlands.

That's not to say that Battleborn will have scads of procedurally generated playable characters. It's going to have around 20, possibly more, nine of which we've seen so far. No, what Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford means when he talks about Battleborn's protagonists is the idea that these personas will be the items that players collect and get attached to. "Every kind of character trope that's in a first-person-shooter, we want to be able to put that in Battleborn."

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TheGrimReaper00111550d ago

That's fine, I'll have my borderlands needs fullfilled with the pre-sequel

Do hope we still get a Borderlands 3 where you go from planet to planet :p

Anyway, curious to see what they'll come up with

Freeball1547d ago

Complete wait-and-see mode with anything from Gearbox. They've lost all credibility with their sketchiness on Aliens CM and their milking Borderlands 2 to death.