'Spore' Developers 'Expect the Unexpected' with Creature Editor

MTV Multiplayer writes: "It hasn't taken long for "Spore" users to start cranking out content. Much of it has been interesting, a few disturbing, and some were taken down (hint: phallic creatures).

But that's partly what Dan Moskowitz, a software engineer at EA Maxis and lead programmer on the "Spore" creature editor (we featured some of his creations yesterday), anticipated when their tool was let loose on the public.

"The editor is so flexible, it's almost like putting a kind of paintbrush in people's hands," he told me over e-mail. "I expect we'll see some jaw-dropping works of art, some hilariously funny, some edgy, maybe even controversial creatures."

He even expects some folks to spend up to 20 hours on a single creation."

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niall773833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

... I bet there is 100 videos of walking Penis men created with the spore CE on youtube now

but that isnt really "Unexpected'

Zipperdog3832d ago

spend a couple of hours creating a creature or two then what? watch him walk around for 10 min in a restricted environment? well yaaaa hoooooo, yank my suspenders and cover me in tarter sauce. this fun never gets old. wait till you play the game before saying how much you love it.

SCFreelancer3832d ago

This game looks weird but seems to be a lot of fun to play around with. Just wondering though: what can you do with your custom creature after creation?

iceice1233832d ago

You can have it walk around, do a list of reactions(jump, love etc...) and have up to three baby versions of it walk around with it too.