UGO: The Incredible Hulk Video Game Review

UGO writes: "Developer Edge of Reality's The Incredible Hulk is a mess, and a none-too-beautiful one. Textures pop in at an alarming rate, carried items occasionally disappear without warning and a whole host of other technical issues crop up again and again. The pre-mission cutscenes - if you can call them that - are little more than someone talking over a static image and, although the film's cast contributes to the game, the delivery in most cases is far too wooden. And yet, despite it all, there's still an immensely satisfying feeling to be gotten from running willy-nilly around Manhattan Island as the green-skinned, gamma irradiated Hulk.

Hulk Smash in The Incredible Hulk

Following a brief movement and combat tutorial set in a Brazilian bottling plant, the Hulk is unceremoniously deposited on the streets of New York City, bulked up to begin with and remaining that way for the length of the playable portion of the game. For those who have played Ultimate Destruction, the gameplay should be familiar. The Big Apple serves as a massive urban playground in which icons scattered across the map can be approached to trigger a mission or a minigame. The long-term goal is to complete all available story arcs, though creating a significant amount of mayhem along the way is unavoidable. You are the Hulk after all."

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