Hideo Kojima Explains Why Kojima Productions Is Obsessed With 60 Frames Per Second

Hideo Kojima, the man behind the Metal Gear Solid franchise has revealed his reasons why Kojima Productions are obsessed with 60 frames per second.

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ssjkiet1374d ago

Mmmm. Thank you Based-Kojima.

TardcoreGamer1374d ago

I agree with Kojima. 60fps is more important to a gaming experience than 3D effects.

skwidd1374d ago

To me, its a balance of whats more important, timing and precision or immersion in cinematic experience. I played Last of Us in 30fps instead of 60 because it just felt more cinematic. 60 feels cheap. However I most definitely think racers and fighters require split second timing for perfection as every frame counts. I can almost count every frame in a jab in Tekken, it's all about window of opportunity to get an attack in.

Saying that, I think I'd prefer MGS in 30. I don't care what the latest tech is, I just care about how the game should be played.

TardcoreGamer1373d ago

I don't buy the 'cinematic' argument. Cinemas show movies at 24fps not 30, anyway.

It pretty much boils down to what your brain has been conditioned to. 60fps is only jarring to you because you've been watching movies at 24fps your entire life and that's what your brain expects.

If the motion picture studios had decided use bigger film reels that used 60fps instead of 24, a hundred years ago, we would not be having this conversation right now.

hiredhelp1374d ago

yeh i can never understand why movies still running at 29fps cant wait see both gaming and movie industry to move with the currunt times As standard

plmkoh1374d ago

If you don't understand why movies run at 23.98fps, you aren't trying.

hiredhelp1374d ago

Enlighten me? generally like to know..

Monstar1374d ago

If only MGSV wasn't a cross gen title, they could've put all the effort in current gen consoles and really push the fox engine. Atleast fix the character models' hair....oh well, still looks good tho.

dcj05241374d ago

It's not. Phantom pain is for X1 and PS4.

RSKnight1374d ago

I'm happy Kojima-san is pushing 60fps to become a standard in video games. I think that most of the people who say this is not important is because they haven't actually played games at 60fps (or more). Frame rate is far more important for having a great game experience than resolution. Obviously the ideal is to have both, but if I have to choose one or the other, frame rate is always the top priority for me, always.

pwnsause_returns1374d ago

its not because they haven't experienced it, its more about having that "Cinematic Effect" that you get out of it.

Vegamyster1374d ago

Any one who claims that 30 fps gives a more "Cinematic Effect" doesn't know what they're talking about, unless you're sitting there watching the "game" instead of playing it then there isn't any advantage to a lower framerate.

pwnsause_returns1374d ago

hey im just saying. I play 60 or 30 unlocked anyday.

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