GTA 5 Mods We’d Love to See

GTA V is coming to PC, but will that mean lots of awesome mods for the PC version of GTA 5 too? GTA 5 Cheats lists its most anticipated potential mods for GTA V and also considers whether Rockstar will make GTA V eligible for the Steam Workshop. They also pose the question: what mods would you like to see for GTA 5 on PC?

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Septic1375d ago

I want to see the Icenhancer equivalent on GTA 5. That will surely look absolutely incredible judging by what the mod did with GTA4.

Feralkitsune1375d ago

He doesn't do enb profiles for modern games. They already have the features built in that ENB enabled on older DX9 games from day 1.

Septic1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

You sick, disgusting person...

....but yes please :P (we're both sad lol).

Mind you, the player models of the strippers were pretty good already. Go on your magic here :D

Codewow1375d ago

Carmageddon and GTA IV car physics would be awesome in my opinion. :D