Rust creator Garry Newman defends Notch's decision to sell Minecraft

Minecraft creator 'Notch' Persson has been getting a bit of flak from some quarters for his decision to sell the franchise to Microsoft for $2 billion, with some critics accusing him of "selling out" and going back on his perceived anti-corporation stance.

Rust and Garry's Mod creator Garry Newman, himself no stranger to indie success, has weighed in on Notch's side, arguing that no-one else would have done any different.

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MrDead1069d ago (Edited 1069d ago )

You have to be careful when taking advice from Garry Newman he'll make you waste your 2 billion on....

MrDead1069d ago

I do understand the concerns about MS buying Mojang as we don't want them screwing with “our friends electric”.

Azurite1069d ago (Edited 1069d ago )

Didn't think there would be any reason to defend Notch, I'd sell it too.
Notch hasn't even been evolved that much of Minecraft since years back.

Considering the circumstances I'd be surprised if someone wouldn't sell Minecraft to Microsoft if they were in the same position as he was.

ScorpiusX1069d ago

I would have sold for 1.5 billion on a heart beat , without hesitation and I don't fault Notch .

NeoGamer2321069d ago

I doubt there is anyone here that would say no if MS was willing to pay $2.5 bln for anything they own and were looking to sell like Notch was.