Guerrilla's Horizon Not Launching In 2015, Will Include Swords, Sony Bend Working On Horror Game

Guerrilla Games' Horizon is not the only open world game from PlayStation's 1st party studios.

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Mikelarry1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

will include swords?? I kind of got that vibe when I saw the dino take an arrow to the knee :). that's fine let them take their time 2015 is already packed with awesome games for the sake of my wallet i don't mind this coming out later

killacal131524d ago

Well, we need the game to be best it can be, no rushed things in this bitch!

bouzebbal1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

are we approaching a reveal of this game? maybe VGAs? My body is ready, just bring it on GG!

Sony Bend on a horror game? wasn't Syphon Filter rumored from Sony Bend as well? anyway, the horror game rumor isn't new:

artworks have been released some time ago:

Gravity_DoGG1524d ago

Abzdiiine: looks like an alien horror game to me. I would really like that!

Systemshock21524d ago

That horror game was indie prototype not on any system, just a pitch. Not Sony Bend's game.

GTgamer1524d ago

So lemme get this straight its open world the size of the watcher3 with multiple areas from Savannah to tundra you ride freaking robot freaking dinosaurs and you can use bows guns and arrows etc.. and the lead designer and writer of fallout new Vegas now apart of the Team yuuuuuup GG aim for the stars.

killacal131524d ago

But you didn't get it straight, it is the size of the wotcher 3

3-4-51524d ago

Concept is cool so take your time.

chrissx1524d ago

Swords, giant dino robots and open world e.t.c. Amazing! Ps4thewin

Hellsvacancy1524d ago

And a dude wearing a bear pelt = awesome

MrSwankSinatra1524d ago

Just as long as it's not first person. Personally I would prefer a third person perspective.

Septic1524d ago

There's no reason why a first person perspective wouldn't work. Shadowrun and Unreal Championship: Liandri Conflict really did meld third person perspectives with first person ones really well.

Patrick_pk441524d ago

Third person looks more visually impressive, but first person isn't bad either. It would be cool if we can switch in between.

Phoenix761524d ago

Why do they have to announce games 2years or more in advance all the time now? It create bs hype and we all know what happens to game that get too much of that.

KwietStorm1524d ago

Have they actually announced their game and title, or is all this info just being uncovered?

Mikelarry1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

Announce??? it was "leaked" and shinobi the person talking about this does not work for guerrilla games so this is not an official announcement

jonny2by41524d ago

Sony or Guerrilla haven't announced anything. These are only rumours.

guyman1524d ago

I think you need to Google the definition for announcement

OB1Biker1524d ago

Seems Sony announce their games later than they used to.. Bloodborne announced not even a year before its due.
I think E3 2015 announcement for GG 'Horizon' (not even IP name yet just like 'project Beast') and game release 2016

Dirtnapstor1524d ago

Agreed, no hype train please. Just blow us away a few months before its release. Maybe drips of info every now and then.

Spotie1524d ago

Pretty hard to generate hype if they haven't said a thing about it, don't you think?

Dirtnapstor1524d ago

Sorry, am I the only one looking down the road? Future tense... in other words, don't overkill this project with the type of hype train that was driven for Watchdogs, Titanfall, Destiny, etc... Why's that so hard to comprehend?

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Sadist31524d ago

Ok, so instead of announcing it now, why not announce it when it's almost ready to be released. I don't care about a game coming out in 3 years, I can't play that now.

Silly gameAr1524d ago

It hasn't been announced. This is more of that insider bs that's been so popular around here.

Mikelarry1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

come on now you scrolled past phoenix76 (right above yours)comment stating the same and you saw the replies he got.

OB1Biker1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

Actually Id rather know everything theyr working on but many are not really mature and cant stand being told the truth so they keep things 'under wraps' just to be leaked at times and the reveal is spoiled like for 'project Beast' or here 'Horizon'

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