Nintendo’s Wii-U Is It For Kiddies? Ft Brandon Bullock

So is the Nintendo Wii-U made for children or kids? CraigheadPro and Brandon Bullock talk on Nintendo fanboy’s that seem to be supporting #OperationPlatinum and continually say that the Wii-U is made for adults. Let’s figure this mess out!

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KaladinStormblessed1064d ago

The WiiU is made for gamers. Case closed.

Geekman1064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )

Those 3 disagrees are legit. A gaming console is in no way made for gamers. /s

NotAfanBoyy1064d ago

I stopped playing Rise of the Triad when I was 6 yrs old lulz

ArtificiallyYours1064d ago

No, just a lot of gaming journalists are kids.

JEW_UNIT1064d ago

Strange part is that Nintendo is one of the few companies left that make quality and unrushed games left.