Study Shows YouTubers Have More Influence Than Games Media

A study sitting on that spotlights boogie2988 shows that game developers have a higher level of success using youtubers to advertise their games. Mainstream media is starting to fail in this regard and I can totally believe that.

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1524d ago
WeAreLegion1524d ago

Because people like Boogie are honest with us. Brutally honest.

hkgamer1524d ago

youtubers dont have to please publishers whilst mainsteam media relies on publishers for ad revenue.

example being that youtube ads are picked from google ads and mainstream media has to sell adspace.

WeAreLegion1524d ago

Trust me. YouTubers are pressured by the same companies.

Blues Cowboy1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

Erm, yeah, no. There are honest reviewers, critics and pundits both on YT and traditional media, but the same revenue streams and backdoor deals apply to both by the looks of those Microsoft/Machinima tags and revelations about companies giving Youtubers money to cover their stuff positively.

So long as you find someone who gives you good advice and shares your tastes, it's all gravy.

hkgamer1523d ago

true, but does machinima really count as a true youtuber?

i mean they pay partners a stable income which is different to independant youtubers who get paid by youtube for views/adverts and whatever.

SteamPowered1524d ago

Thats a crazy statistic. I dont watch Tv and Youtube is a wasteland, so I pretty much get all my news from Twitter.
Im shocked how much influence these Youtubers have. And kind of sad.

ThatArtGuy1524d ago

There's a LOT of quality content on youtube. You just have to sift for it, because there is an even larger amount of junk. However, once you find the good stuff, subscribe. I've gotten to the point of watching more youtube content, than TV content because other than prime time shows, TV just plays the same syndicated junk over and over again.

hkgamer1523d ago

quality content on youtube.

twitter? really? well if its from actual friends then thats ok, but i guess that isnt really media.

if not then twitter is basically metacritic. lol