Boomtown: Supreme Ruler 2020 Review

Boomtown writes: "At some point we have all made grand declarations of how life would be so much better if we ruled the country, well now is the time to prove it.

Battlegoat Studios and Paradox Interactive have set the stage with the release of Supreme Ruler 2020, a strategy title that places a country (or American state) at your control.

There are two main gameplay modes, the first, and the one I started with, was Campaign. Here you select you country and get on with the business of running it. You can set and tailor victory conditions to suit how you prefer to play, by default these are set at high levels, complete world domination and similar. Jumping straight into the campaign mode is most definitely a baptism of fire. Without prior experience the game interface is extremely daunting with a multitude of menu's options and stats which are at first unfathomable."

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