Horizon PS4 details: Varied Locations, “Open World Comparable to The Witcher”

GC - "New details on the IP have been revealed by well known industry insider Shinobi. He says that the game will be absolutely gorgeous and will have varied locations."

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vishmarx1431d ago

this day just keeps getting better and better

Mikelarry1431d ago (Edited 1431d ago )

i know but i am going to keep my hype down until the game releases and i have played it. but truth be told it does sound that it could be interesting from the little i have seen and heard especially the qoute below

"There’s a dedicated single player. Gorgeous landscapes, snowy tundras, jungles, vast savannahs, open world comparable to the Witcher. Cool weapons, villages and towns to encounter, “tribal” societies,"

pay attention to the OPEN WORLD COMPARABLE TO THE WITHCHER.. damn it hype simmer down

bouzebbal1431d ago

i want a reveal at VGAs and full blowout at e3 with a release to end 2015/start2016.
wanna control them Dinobots!

Kidmyst1430d ago

@abzdiine that is if the VGA's are watchable. After last years painful VGX or whatever it was called I can't put myself through that again.

DOMination-1430d ago

We already knew this was open world. The rest of it sounds like generic bull that any "insider" can come up with. Obviously the concept art is real but I think I saw it on neogaf a few months back anyway. I wouldn't take any of this seriously but I am intrigued by the game and one to watch for sure.

trenso11430d ago

All I want is the media to no over hype this game or any other, so we don't end up with over expecting from this like so many did with watch dogs, titan fall, and now destiny.

killacal131431d ago

All I really want to know is the release date.

killacal131431d ago

How do you know about this sir?

Mikelarry1431d ago

@ killacal13

he sacrificed a goat to the elder gods who revealed this to him in a dream :)

medman1430d ago

I thought I saw another article on n4g saying this game is definitely not releasing in 2015...I hope that article is dead wrong.

BiggerBoss1430d ago

Shinobi, the same insider who "leaked" this information, says it's definitely not 2015. Probably 2016

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killacal131431d ago

@ Mikelarry
He certainly did, but did he make sure they were not trolling him, and more importantly was the goat a virgin goat?

Mikelarry1431d ago (Edited 1431d ago )

lol i am glad some people still have a sense of humour on this site.

I just tried searching the internet for that supposed release date but cant find anything. hopefully IIKonanxII can clarify how he came across this info

EDIT: ok found the below that claims 2015 as well. hope that helps

Mikelarry1430d ago

OK now gaming bolt have submitted an article that claims its not releasing in 2015.... who to believe

elazz1430d ago

Guess a new sacrifice has to be made. We need something else than a goat though because the last digit is always unclear with that animal. And don't forget to sing during the ceremony.

Conzul1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

Maybe TWO goats? Just sayin' .....

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isarai1431d ago

Open world RPG published by Sony, that's pretty much all i need to be sold on this game

BitbyDeath1431d ago

Want to know if local co-op

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