One Upon Light Announced for PS4

During Sony's pre-TGS conference tonight in Tokyo, One Upon Light was announced for PS4.

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RyujiDanma1552d ago

NICE!!! but i have an xbox one

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GribbleGrunger1552d ago

"During Sony’s TGS conference tonight in Tokyo, One Upon Light was announced for PS4. Set for release in October, the Singapore-developed game seems to be a artistic indie action title.

We’ll report more details as they become available."

The above IS the entire article.

ValKilmer1552d ago

Thankfully, they updated the article with more info and a trailer.

1nsomniac1552d ago

I hope the trailer wasn't the official TGS, a bit unprofessional. Gives release date as late 2013.

pornflakes1552d ago

Where are all the blockbuster announcments from sonys first party studios?

I only see indi games!

Bloodborne, the order and uc4 are the only big games set for next year. I am already thinking on trading my ps4 for a x1

HeWhoWalks1552d ago

Bro, you aren't fooling anyone. Your post history tells the story - you don't have a PS4. Nice try, though.

OT: Interesting concept. Checkin' out!

Unreal011552d ago


Look, don't you think it's slightly embarrassing going around all of these articles leaving these silly comments? Why do you lie about having a PS4, it's really silly. Have you no life?

Rivitur1552d ago

He wishes he could partake in the greatness of a ps4 but find he has no money left after he bought the dreaded xbone. So now he has created a false world in his head where he owns a ps4 and thinks its bad when in reality what he perceives as a ps4 is really his xbone.

Good-Smurf1552d ago

This game is a big one to SEA gamers,the game that's available in Bahasa-Indo and THAI!
I'm pretty sure my fellow thais are going crazy over this game!
I think there's one more conference to go for TGS 2014 That's where the big titles gonna be at including new unannounced games but I could be wrong though.

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