You Can Use A SIXAXIS or DS3 to Control a PSP In Remote Play?

Chris Rah Osiris of writes:

Apparently you can. PSU member AznBoiz has posted over on the Official Sony Forums that this is possible through the use of Remote Play. Not only can you use it to control things such as browsing the Internet, but you can reportedly use it to control original PlayStation titles as well. Here's a video demonstration AznBoiz was kind enough to share with everyone on the forums.

It amazing what people find is possible to do with the Remote Play functionality that exists between the PS3 and PSP. Truly makes you wonder what other functions and features that are already in existence that we have yet to take advantage of.

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butterfinger3803d ago

I'll give this a try this afternoon, even if only for the he11 of it. lol. Interesting discovery!

Pornlord3803d ago

That's functional, makes it a little better trying to use 2 Joysticks at least. That's the one flaw of the Psp, only one joystick.