Resident Evil No Longer Known as ‘Biohazard’ in Japan?

During Sony’s TGS conference tonight in Tokyo, Capcom was in attendance to show off their upcoming episodic game, Resident Evil Revelations 2. One thing that struck us as interesting, however, is the fact that the game was refereed to as “Resident Evil: Revelations 2″ and not “BioHazard Revelations 2.” The series was originally named “Biohazard” before being changed to “Resident Evil” before its western release. Since then, it’s retained its Biohazard name in Japan and its Resident Evil name in the west.

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ValKilmer1546d ago

It should be the other way around.

breakpad1546d ago

agreed ..Resident Evil is lame name ..Biohazard has is more relative

Pozzle1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

I like 'Resident Evil' more because it's a unique title that people instantly recognize.

Biohazard sounds cooler, but it's more generic and ambiguous. Though I'm not a fan of generic words being used as game titles anyway.

jrshankill1546d ago

I remember reading that it was to be called "The Residing Evil".. this even sounds better

LogicLee1546d ago

Tell me about it... this is stupid.

DarkLordMalik1546d ago

Biohazard was for Japan. Pretty sure it was Resident Evil for the Asian region.

Number-Nine1546d ago

they also had the evil within as that name. i think its called psychobreak or something in japan

ScubaSteve11546d ago

Cause that was Asia not Tokyo press conference

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The story is too old to be commented.