Developers believe publicity is as important as making a good game

MWEB GameZone writes: "A recent survey done by GDC shows that developers believe making a good game is as important as good publicity. This strong focus on marketing has left gamers and media distrustful of developers. It creates a bad cycle of hype, media coverage and consumer favour, follow by bad review scores and consumer disillusionment. (point in case CoD: Ghosts & BF4).

The survey also revealed that developers trust YouTube personalities and digital platforms like Steam over traditional media. Are devs starting to mirror gamers distrust in traditional media?"

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plut0nash1400d ago

Yes and no, good game first and publicity later.

CongoKyle1400d ago

Mmm... I see it as reassurance for shareholders and developers that while their game is in development, Alpha or Beta that sufficient publicity is needed. Sure don't hype it up too much but there are ways of doing it and not setting up for a fail.

Tiqila1400d ago

If your game is awesome but does not sell you might not make another one which would be a pitty. Therefore putting some effort in good publicity and as a consequence, maybe, only make a decent game first which sells good, seems like the better strategy. If you have enough money you can, of course, have both, but you should reach that point, otherwise there will be not so many really high quality games, imo.

HanCilliers1400d ago

I agree that good publicity is needed, but it should not be on par with the value of creating a good game.

Sillicur1400d ago

This makes me think of Divine Divinity many years ago. It was one of, if not the best RPG experiences I ever had, yet it had no publicity at all.

The game was still a success, later on spawning sequels after people realized what a gem it was

HanCilliers1400d ago

Maybe a lesser focus on hype would've resulted in Destiny receiving better scores. People tend to rate it against their expectation - dangerous ground that

Sillicur1400d ago

Exactly. The amount of hype Destiny had and in general how much people expected from it could never be achieved.

In Destiny's case, dissapointment bred contempt, resulting in some low scores which might have been better if not for the hype.

HoldenZA1400d ago

Developers main focus should always be on a good product. In our day and age publicity is being largely run by the consumer via social media platforms like Youtube, Twitter and Facebook.

If a game is good enough, you will have Youtubers picking it up and sharing it with the rest of the community. The prime example of that was Minecraft, which initially had a small marketing budget but what they had was an amazing game.

GundalfDeGrej1400d ago

I'm gonna have to disagree. If you're a developer who wants to make a living making games, you can't just make a game and assume it will get enough publicity by word of mouth and youtubers alone. You MIGHT get lucky but as a business it's a really bad idea to rely on it.

HanCilliers1400d ago

I agree with you, publicity SHOULD be there, but it should not be equally important as making a good game

GundalfDeGrej1400d ago

True. If you don't make a good game people are less likely to buy future products.

chrissx1400d ago

Making a good game should come 1st, and that is always the most important. Publicity can come after

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