PlayStation 4 Is Sony's Fastest Selling Console In Asia, PS Vita Sales 25% Up Due To PS4 Launch

Furthermore, the launch of PlayStation 4 has also impacted the sales of PlayStation Vita. Ever since the launch of PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita's sales are up by 25%.

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gameseveryday1373d ago

Indeed, the good news about PS Vita is a bit of surprise. Hope this continues. The support for Vita in Japan is simply phenomenal in terms of software.

chrismichaels041373d ago

With the overwhelming success of the PS4 and the surprising surge in Vita's such an exciting time to be a Playstation gamer. Congrats to Sony.

Why o why1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

I could swear the concensus was the ps4 wasn't pulling up any trees therefore not doing great, then this?

Guess I should be careful who I listen to

MegaRay1373d ago

I bought a Vita after PS4 launch. Doesnt mean i bought it for remote play >:(

chrissx1373d ago

Congrats to the Sony team. They did a great Job on the Ps4, Well deserved

Elda1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

Great news Sony!..loving my PS3,4 & Vita!

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The story is too old to be commented.