Sony Asia Press Conference - TGS 2014

You can watch the PlayStation press conference live right here

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badboyz091401d ago (Edited 1401d ago )

This is the Link with Video

WeAreLegion1401d ago

If you're just catching up, they haven't announced anything new yet. I doubt they will. Again, this is mostly just to announce these games for the Asian market outside of Japan. So, don't expect much new stuff.

We are getting an in-depth look at Resident Evil: Revelations 2, however. That's nice. No Vita release, by the way. The rumors were false.

nodim1400d ago

>No Vita release, by the way. The rumors were false.
This conference is really no place to judge about that.

Nanux1400d ago

when will it start or endded?

PS4isKing_821400d ago

Most boring conference in the history of conferences.
I like how the speaker said "time goes fast with so much exciting news" lol

Most of that was already announced and discussed two weeks ago at their pre tgs conference.

WeAreLegion1400d ago

It was all news to many people there. Again, this was not a conference for us. It was for Asian countries outside Japan. They were getting news about release dates for games in their countries.

Protagonist1400d ago

Dang, was expecting some nice surprises... and what about Persona 5?