Raiden Next title and trailer coming at TGS

The official title and first trailer for Moss’ new Raiden game, first announced for Xbox One back in June, will be revealed at the Tokyo Game Show, the company announced.

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Batzi1498d ago

Hit 'Agree' if you thought it was Metal Gear related.

Forbidden_Darkness1498d ago

I thought the same for a split second. Pretty disappointed right now.

Relientk771498d ago

They got me, totally thought it was Metal Gear

Baccra171497d ago

I was looking forward to another adventure slicing people up with Raiden. There goes that.

NiteX1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

Figured it was a new Metal Gear Rising. I did love Raiden Trad for SNES though.

breakpad1497d ago

every time i see this game always i m falling for it

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Eamon1497d ago

Raiden. Raiden! RAIDEN!!

chrissx1497d ago

I almost flipped. I had to calm down and re-read it again and saw it was not metal gear related. Sad times lol

Venox20081497d ago

Even if I am little bit disappointed that its not about MG, I have enjoyed Raiden shmups, this one should be good as well :)

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The story is too old to be commented.