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Let’s face the facts — Bungie was extremely successful with the Halo series on Xbox platforms for a decade, which only added to the hype and anticipation for their new multiplatform IP, Destiny. However, as usual in this industry, Destiny doesn’t quite live up to the level of hype that everyone once had. Even with that said, Destiny is still a damn fine game, and one you should give a chance. Middle Of Nowhere Gaming assembled five writers who spent a combined 200 hours with the game during the past week so that they could give Destiny the fairest review possible. This review takes a very in depth look at each component of the game.

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Jughead34161377d ago

After my 45 + hours spent with this game, in my opinion, this score is a lot more in line with what it deserves. Not a perfect game, but it's so much fun.

venom061377d ago

not at all.. NOWHERE NEAR a 8.5... but its time for the noname fanboy bloggers to come out, so i'll guess we'll start seeing a bunch of these..

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BootyBandit1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

You mean like this big market site?

Most reviewers are jaded because of how Bungie handled the embargo and gave them their games the last minute. These over privileged pompous dbags are under rating this game on purpose. Some of reviewers even complained about they handled the embargo in their review. OMG forbid Bungie didn't bow down an appease the mighty gaming media. Keep it up guys. Bite the hand that feeds you. Sooner or later that food supply will be null and void. has an article about Forza Horizon 2 demo and praising MS while bashing Bungie. WTF does Bungie have to do with a racing game? That's the lengths that these jaded reviewers are taken this. These sites have learned nothing from Sessler.

Destiny is a rock solid 8. Everyone I know that has sat down and put serious time into it all are enjoying the hell out of the game. My friends list on both consoles is filled with people playing Destiny.

I played it today for 6 hours. It's a lot better than most of the joke of a media is given it credit for.