LGBTQ Games Conference ‘GX3’ Passes Funding Goal, Will Happen Next Year

One of the only events of its kind, LGBTQ games conference GX3 has successfully passed its funding goal and will take place next year. Find out more here.

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Thatguy-3101550d ago

Good for them but don't necessarily see the point of having it. It's not like the conferences that go on now exclude them in any way or form

Blastoise1549d ago

Yeah I've never understood this, I'm all for gay rights but it's not like the shows we have now end with "Uncharted 4, coming 2015, for straight people only"

-Foxtrot1550d ago

Jesus who is funding these things, they are totally pointless and contradict there believes in "equality"

You're separating the LGBT community from the gamer term

XtraTrstrL1549d ago

It's a complete contradiction, and shows it's not even about equality. LGBT always complains about being segregated from everyone else, they're segregating themselves though - regardless of non-LGBT folks being invited or not to this. There's no reason to have this if you're just wanting a conference about gaming. This is pretty corny.

Acquiescence1549d ago

Just thinking of that Dolan Duck image where he wanders into a building and then comes back out again.

"Everything was gay."

aerisbueller1549d ago

Well, I think it's just fabulous.

spartanlemur1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Lol I expect about 2% of the attendants will actually be LGBTQ and the other 98% will be white knights and SJWs.

mixelon1549d ago

"We'd like to give a very special thanks to Devolver Digital, Dim Bulb Games, Bertil Hörberg, Coffee Stain Studios, Mike Bithell, Tinsley PR, Maxistentialism, Asher Vollmer, Trion Worlds, Louis Stavrides, The Fulbright Company and Wow, Such Business for offering to sponsor OR pledging at least $3,000. (Won't you consider joining them, company looking at this page?)
Additionally, Blizzard Entertainment, Sympathy Plan, and MailChimp has committed over $10,000! (WOW!)"

I guess that means a lot of chumps have to add those guys to their stupid "SJW blacklists." Blizzard. Haha.

Good for them. There's nothing at all exclusionary about an event that celebrates diversity. They aren't asking that all attendees be LGBT. The only people who wouldn't be welcome will presumably not want to be there anyway.

I too think it's a bit weird to have seperate events, but I can't see why not either.

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