Disney Infinity 2.0 Has Lowest Resolution on Wii U Version – And That is Unacceptable

Disney Infinity 2.0 won't be putting faith in Nintendo consumers looking for 3rd party games.

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AKR1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

What is that...600p? How on earth did they even manage that?! I thought it was a port from the 360 version - so if anything, it should AT LEAST be 720p. I'm not usually the type to get caught up in the whole graphics debate; but this is just plain wrong.

Really, it's laughably bad on the developer's part. And yet they wonder why Nintendo gamers ignore their titles; it's not that we don't want them, it's just that we don't to waste money on blatant second-class-citizen treatment.

Magicite1376d ago

its 3rd party, get used.

spacedelete1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

Wii owners should be grateful for getting any games at all. Wii u didn't get any last gen games including Crysis 3, GTAV or Saints Row and it isn't getting any next gen games.

Chrischi19881375d ago

Let me correct you, you mean turd party.

spacedelete1375d ago

Wii owners always saying they care more about gameplay over graphics so thats what Disney gave them. stop complaining Wii owners you made your bed now sleep in it.

AKR1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

Sorry, but not even the original Wii could handle 600p; and while gameplay DOES overshadow graphics - this is blatant second-class-citizen treatment, here. The U is closer to the XBOX One that it is to the 360 - so really, it should AT THE VERY LEAST BE 720p.

You know something is wrong when an indie studio of about 10 people (Shin'en Multimedia), can make jaw-dropping beautiful games (NANO Assault Neo, Art of Balance, FAST Racing Neo, etc...) - on hardware what is considered "underpowered".

Chrischi19881375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

That is what we got... you are kidding right? We say we care for gameplay over graphics, compared to the new gen consoles. We care for a good port. We want, that they take advantage of the Wii Us hardware. We know it is not as powerful as the PS4 or Xbox1 and we dont expect games to look better like they do, but if they do not even try, crap on their Wii U audiences, this is a totally different story and you must be a freaking troll king, for your dumb comment.

So, for PS4 gamers, who care most for graphics, it would be ok, to release a game, where you cannot do anything, but the graphics look super good? Because this is the same dumb logic you used. Unbelievable, how strong the fanboyism is in some people, it really goes on to a degree, it is really unhealthy for some.

Gamer19821375d ago

Should be grateful they even getting a copy. Most 3rd party devs have dropped the console completly.

ColinZeal1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

Waaa waaa waaa. /Random Nintendo Enthusiast since the Wii U was released.

You (we) guys should get used to it already. If you want graphic fidelity, buy PS4/X1, not Wii U. (which basically pre dates PS3/360)

Bring on the down votes Nbots.

Concertoine1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

Troll much, man :/ i can't believe 6 people agreed.

I mean its common knowledge that the Wii U doesnt pre-date the 360/ps3. Its not even two years old. If you're talking about the specs you're wrong, too. Most of the hardware is custom made, and its already producing visuals beyond what the PS3/360 could do even after years of optimization. Not saying it's a powerhouse, but it ain't an Atari.

The real reason its probably a low resolution is because the developer doesn't see the point in optimizing their game for a console without a high attach ratio for third party games (conditional or not).

Locknuts1376d ago

If you're buying a PS4/X1 for graphical fidelity you're doing it wrong.

ColinZeal1376d ago

If i'd buy Disney Infinity 2.0, then i'd buy if for my PS4 - not my Wii U. And that's for the graphic fidelity. Of course. But you knew that already.

Locknuts1376d ago

@ColinZeal - If you're buying a Wii U for third party games you're doing it wrong.

ColinZeal1375d ago

You seem to misunderstand everything I say... Of course I didn't buy a Wii U for third party titles - that's what I have my PS4 for.

herbs1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

(Avalanche dev team) We completed the 360 version.
(Disney overlords) Great now get started on the Wii U version.
(Avalanche dev team) OK - highlights all code - copies - pastes. Should we optimize code to run on all three cores?
(Disney overlords) Nah one core should handle it.
(All involved) Maniacal laughter...

Give_me_head_strong1376d ago

But the Wii U's 3 cores are far slower than the 360's 3 cores, so the port would be lacking even if properly optimized for Wii U (maniacal laughter of truth)...

herbs1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

You are right even with all its efficiency they basically even out core for core each having different strengths. The 360 always uses one core for all the sound and music so there could be some truth into what I'm saying seeing as how all the next gen consoles have dedicated chips for that just like every other Nintendo console. There has been some evidence to suggest early dev kits only had access to one or two cores as well. Obviously this game is completely unoptimized so I'm making a joke implying how lazy Avalanche is,I never heard of a truthful laugh before but I'm glad your laughing...

Nevers0ft1375d ago

The cores are clocked slower but they're more efficient. The point is, there was clearly next to no work done porting the 360 code to the Wii U. The Wii U ISN'T a 360 and if you run it like one it'll run like a dog. At bare minimum they should be optimising for the Wii U EDRam and moving the audio off one of the cores to the built-in DSP. The fact is, this game is not only running like crap, but a good slice of the Wii U hardware is likely twiddling its thumbs WHILE the game runs like crap :/

stragomccloud1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

You know, I could also say, if you cared about graphics, buy a pc, instead of using dated tablet pc hardware, but then you probably wouldn't understand how that's exactly the same as what you just said. Console gamers really should stop arguing about power for just this reason. That said, it's plain insulting for developers to crap all over a system like third parties do to Nintendo.

mysteryraz111375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

pcs hardware is worthless when you are more excited for console ports then your own exclusives, have fun waiting for gta5 bye the time pc gets it us console guys will have moved on, you want power get a ps4 and see awesome games with better graphics like the order and uncharted 4, spend that money on a pc for slightly better looking ports and outdated indie games, what a waste of money

stragomccloud1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

And have fun waiting for some of the best PC exclusives. See what I just did there? Console gamers are always under the impression that only consoles get exclusives.

By the way, aren't a lot of console gamers excited about getting Diablo III? Maybe someday you'll get Wow or Civilization. Besides, PC gamers don't mind waiting longer for titles because at any given time, we have access to a library of games that goes all the way back to the very first games. Universal backwards compatibility.

Heck, even on emulators alone the PC is pretty cool. NES, Genesis, SNES, gamecube, PS1, PS2... all playable on PC. You can't even play PS1/2 games on your PS4s yet. So as far as current gen hardware is concerned, I guess you can add most of those console games to PC as well.

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Saelyn1376d ago

I guess they thought the consumer base would not care too much about graphics and thus did not put too much effort into making it as high as possible? That is my thoughts on it at least.

Concertoine1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

The funny thing is they probably won't. The audience for this game is mostly kids that don't even know what resolution is.

Doesn't make it right for the dev to be lazy, but i doubt this will heavily impact the sales of the Wii U version.

miyamoto1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

Maybe the developers frequent N4G and saw how tons of Nintendo fans here say "graphics don't matter, gameplay does" and Nate Robins was like uhm, okay... okay right they asked for it, let's give them what they want.

And Nintendo fans will call them lazy...smh

wonderfulmonkeyman1376d ago

Way to turn a mole-hill into a mountain by taking things out of context.
Not caring about graphics above gameplay is NOT an excuse for developers to go full retard and entirely ignore basic graphics optimization.

GoPanthers9991376d ago

Makes me even happier that my kids will ne playing on X1!

Highlife1376d ago

Bet your kids don't give 2 craps about the resolution I know mine won't. They will get it on wiiu and be more than happy. It is kind of pathetic that this makes you happy.

stragomccloud1375d ago

I'm sorry that's what they'll have to settle for. Be a good parent and get them into pc/Nintendo gaming. No need to don't their growth with such limitations.

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