'Please don't ruin Minecraft,' 10-year-old begs in open-letter to Microsoft

MMGN writes: One Minecraft fan, 10-year-old Sabrina Lane, has taken the lead for millions of fanatical virtual builders, writing to Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella begging the company not to change the game.

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Thatguy-3101377d ago

Similar to that one little girl that wanted the grim fandango remake

M_i_c_h_e_t_1377d ago

Maybe these letters are all written by one particularly vocal girl?!

poppinslops1376d ago

When I was 10 I wrote letters to The Flash, wishing him well in his struggles with supercrime...
Nearly shit myself when he responded, THANKING ME for my support and the fun-sized boxes of M&Ms...
It took about a week of correspondence for me to notice that 'The Flash' didn't seem to know very much about himself, or the exploits for which he was famed...
When my Mother confessed that SHE was The Flash, it blew my tiny mind... Stole my innocence AND my M&Ms.


What I'm trying to communicate here is that KIDS ARE DUMB... I'm an intelligent man, but I was a DUMB kid.

I think it's very unlikely a child wrote that letter to Microsoft... Some creepy whiz-kid MIGHT be able to get her head around their business legacy, but then the sentiments expressed wouldn't be so damned 'childish'...

So I call bullshit.

Lenrulesdaworld1376d ago

That was an awesome comparison & point, even made me laugh bubble up for you homey.

Kidmyst1376d ago

Bubble up for a good laugh.

Xof1376d ago

When I was 8 I started a petition to my elementary school principal to construct a baseball field in this big empty lot at the edge of the school property. Got around 40 signatures and a meeting with the principal where he very politely told me, "no."

Just because you weren't a terribly mature kid doesn't mean others weren't. There's nothing worse than patronizing children.

pixelsword1376d ago

LOL That was a good story, but only one small part I have a personal variance with:

All kids are geniuses: you just have to invest their faith into true things and you'll be amazed what they can do.

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poppinslops1376d ago

Hey, thanks!
It was still the best week of my young life.

To those who disagreed... Well, you just WAIT until I tell Batman...

Starbucks_Fan1377d ago

I don't think MS is going to risk ruining anything after spending 2.5 Billion.

Yi-Long1377d ago

Sims 4

They'll break it apart, dumb it down, and sell it to you at in a huge amount of tiny chunks at premium prices.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

Windows 8.1 is fantastic, seriously, it's the best version on Windows yet.
Obviously is fashionable to hat on windows so disagree away, but anyone who has spent a fair bit of time with 8.1 has similar feelings to me.
It works very nicely with my XB1 and lumia phone too

shloobmm31377d ago


What does Microsoft have to do with the The Sims 4 and Sim City? You know since those games are published by EA.

DeadMansHand1376d ago

@, it's not. Charms are useless as is the double home screen. I don't want to use my laptop like a mobile device.

Xof1376d ago

I know, right? It was such a HUGE risk making the start menu more aesthetically pleasing.

In Microsoft's defense, they had no way of knowing that minor change would piss off so many idiots.

HammadTheBeast1376d ago


Exhibit A:

Making it stuffed with useless stuff, boxes for advertising and just breaking apart what made Windows 7 so good, isn't innovative.

Metro was designed for phones/tablets, should stay on phones and tablets.

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jrshankill1377d ago


That's EA you are referring to. You must have your "evil corporation" troll list mixed up

Darkwatchman1377d ago

The point is no amount of money spent acquiring a company means that good decisions will be made to make that money worth it

Grap1376d ago

LOL i laughed so hard at your comment. here you go my friend bubble up.^^

torchic1377d ago

where were you last year when Microsoft were screwing all of us over?

shloobmm31377d ago

I didn't have any problems with MS policies when it came to the Xbox One. Always online meant Developers could plan around that aspect knowing everyone was on the same page and take advantage of what it has to offer. Not to mention the family sharing aspect of the whole thing meant it would have been the best deal in videogames period.

CrazedFiend1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )


And it would be a useless paperweight for anyone without decent internet service.

MS came up with that policy under the assumption that everyone has access to internet as good and as fast as theirs is.

Hell, net providers out here are s#!t. But at least I know with things the way they are right now, if I ever do away with them all together, at least my lonely, disconnected a** can still get my game on.

Perjoss1377d ago

Of course they wont mess this up, its not like MS has a track record of making bad choices and messing things up...

lnfiniteLoop1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

the only way they'll ruin it is by blocking it (or future versions) from appearing on certain formats...

Manic20141377d ago

True, but I doubt they'll do that. Spending $2.5 bill, keeping it multiplatform is their best option to keep generating revenue.

CrazedFiend1376d ago

I'm trying to imagine a world where,

Another MS exclusive. Bought and paid for.

mixolydian_id1377d ago

Why can't people see this as a good thing?

Without technological backing, the game can't really go any further (bar from MC2)

If there was any company in the world that had anything to offer the franchise, it's actually MS (contrary to popular belief).

Here's some of the pro's I can think off that MS have to offer:

- at the moment, MC has run as far as it physically can on it's own.
- MS has cloud servers (Free for developers)
- DX12 API streamlines porting between multiple devices
- DeLorean will likely make streaming feasable on ANY device
- Financial backing
- LARGE 1st party studio's/expertise
- They send out their own engineers/developers to help streamline the process
- Minecraft might/could be shipped free with windows 9.
- Gameplay is clearly fun, hence the install base. It's not demanding so can be run on any device
- DLC/Mods, There's already a heap of pre developed content out there, they may endorse it and make that TOO available and more accessable then ever before.
-They will take MC2 and scale it up to be a truly cross platform user experience.
- Could this be the first thim they allow ALL devices to play together?
- It's clearly not about the money that can be made, but the service that can be offerred. They're happy to pay 2.5billion to secure MC's future for 50 million players, giving it a decade longer lifespan.

If the above does happen, then are they so bad? for MC lovers they're doing it justice by bursting the MC universe wide open.

^^^ speculative off course ;)

JackBNimble1376d ago

Do you really think that with MS owning MC that the playstation platforms are going to get any updates, patches or DLC ?
Do you think that any new iterations of MC will also come to the playstation platform?

Maybe.... but I personally doubt it.

There is absolutely no reason for MS to buy the franchise other then to make it exclusive to xbox and pc. And yes I know that it is out on ps3 and ps4 , but that doesn't mean that playstation will get any love from MS.

princejb1341377d ago

Wouldn't be surprised if they remake minecraft with kinect usage exclusive

PickAShoe1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

Windows Me, Zune, and Games for Windows Live(bought gear of war from it, can't download it anymore..)

If my work environment accept other office product like LibreOffice and other free development tools, I would go for Linux OS a long time ago.

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Irishguy951377d ago

They won't ruin it silly child, they'll make it linear! Put explosions and cutscenes in it and add a generic story featuring your newest favorite actor :D


Hope Notch does well himself. Minecraft will be grand.

tinynuggins1377d ago

Minecraft is going to be just fine. Probably better even.

Xof1376d ago

Sounds more like Bioware or Square-nix.

CrazedFiend1376d ago

Don't worry Irishguy, I caught your sarcasm.

URNightmare1377d ago

When even a 10 year old knows that you ruin things, you have a problem.

LCEvans1377d ago

I very much doubt a ten year old can write a letter like that lmao! why would a ten year old even care if Microsoft bought it! Just another click bait article, BS

Ippiki Okami1376d ago

"why would a ten year old even care if Microsoft bought it!"

Because that is the core audience for minecraft right now. My nephew is into it right now and so are all his classmates. They even watch stampy long nose on youtube playing minecraft. The casuals and kids is what MS wants with minecraft.

LCEvans1376d ago

I agree with you tbh! but this article is a load of BS! a ten year old does not write letters to head of Microsoft lmao!

Ashlen1377d ago

If there's anything video games have taught me it's that...

Evil monsters feed on children's tears.