Destiny’s Challenging Vault of Glass Raid Has Finally Been Defeated, and Bungie’s Impressed

When Destiny‘s latest raid, the Vault of Glass, was released, Bungie warned players it would be an extremely challenging adventure. Today, 10 and a half hours after the raid’s release, Destiny clan Primegaurd have walked away victorious.

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qwerty6761377d ago

i watched it, seems like you have to have pretty good teamwork.

the game def needs stuff like this to spice it up.

at the same time and especially the final boss you have to shoot orbs over and over again

and over and over. just continuously spraying shots, and this is troubling as the combat is so shallow so this might get stale after a couple weeks.

Lawboy21377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

That's the problem I see with a lot of the missions....I stick strictly to crucible and may do a strike if here is like a bounty or something

fenome1377d ago

It all depends on preferences though, I'm level 25 and haven't even touched the Crucible. I'm just not a fan of competitive arenas, I'd rather do strikes all day long..

Lawboy21377d ago

@ genome

Totally agree..i love I think this game is amazing

Enate1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

@fenom I agree with you completely as far as this game goes I'd rather do strikes. My thing with them is the time they take compared to the reward I may get. Vs the time I spend in a few rumble matches. An it seems like I come out with a higher chance of more gear in the same or less time frame. With less work in fact because I could be at the bottom of the board an pull an exotic like a friend did just last night.

That my main frustration with it but then again RNG never loves me so I should of known.

fenome1377d ago


Damn, I didn't know you could pull exotics from the arena. I think I might have to jump in and give it a shot.

I'm having a hard time levelling passed 25 because it won't drop me any legendary gear. I've only found 2 pieces so far, one's an auto rifle and the other is for a class I'm not using yet so it got stuffed in the vault.

I'm only like 2 or 3 strikes away from being able to purchase legendary from the vanguard, but I'd rather earn it than buy it. They do need to work on their reward system a little bit. Other than that I'm having a blast though.

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cyclindk1377d ago

Or a couple of seconds... I guess it all depends how entertained some people can be by this degree of, as you said, "shallow" action...

MRMagoo1231377d ago

WOW seems to do just fine and the raids in that are about as exciting.

Magicite1377d ago

dont compare MMORPG to online FPS.

MRMagoo1231377d ago

Don't tell me what I can or can't do thanks Mr 1 bubble. I am comparing raids , raids are the same thing as wow raids , they have bosses they have mobs and they have mechanics teams have to learn to win.

objdadon1377d ago

Every game combat gets repetitive so that is nothing new. At least destiny missions are fun as hell to do especially with friends imo!

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the_mack_attack31377d ago

If Bungie keep releasing these then I can see heads start to turn the right way from the wrong they currently stand!

Lawboy21377d ago

That's another problem...I stated that there needs to be a number of raids to my clan and they said that there is only this one until the DLC comes...atleast there is the daily mission and the weekly crucible and the need to find that exotic weapon that eats away at you

Enate1377d ago

Yea I hear ya but man if rng has anything to say about it I will be the last person on the planet with an exotic. Friend of mine has pulled 3 legendary weapons and an exotic auto rifle last night easy. I got maybe one blue I could replace. Its days like that for me where its hard not to feel like the game just hates you. An wants you to grind away for every inch while the rest of your friends list seems to at least catch a break once or twice a night.

Without having to complete some super death defying raid to get some decent gear.

xHeavYx1377d ago

wonder how long it took them

arkard1377d ago

I believe one team took like 12 hours, the other team it took like 14. There are stats posted somewhere.

Pintheshadows1377d ago

Bloody hell. That is a long haul then. I have a job to go to.

wsoutlaw871377d ago

i guess they are out of the question for me. i thought long was like 1.5 hours.

Phene1377d ago

Lmao @wsoutlaw87 ...yeh that's what I thought too, but damn second post to make me laugh today

mrmack001377d ago

You get to stop and save your progress. For like a week I think

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KR1ST0F3R1377d ago

So it appears they all died around 300 times each.

There is a trophy for completing a raid without anyone dying once :(

Am I missing something here?!

MooseWI1377d ago

Well it was the first group to ever beat it, I am assuming there was a lot of trial and error. I am assuming once people get their characters raid geared and become knowledgeable in the fights it will become a lot easier. But even then you won't be able to slip up in the least amount. (me assuming from previous raid exp in other games)

wsoutlaw871377d ago

"Am I missing something here?!" A platinum.

Yetter1377d ago

There is an achievement for completing a strike mission with out dying but that isn't the same as a raid mission and I'm not sure if the achievement/trophy list is the same but I bet they are

KR1ST0F3R1377d ago

"Flawless raider" complete a raid without anyone in your fire team dying.

averagejoe261377d ago

OK. Now they have to do it on hard mode which bungie said is the true experience!

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