Nintendofying Third-Party IPs

Nintendo has the most iconic game franchises of all time, thanks to Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, and many more. However, there is some third-party franchises that I think would work wonders as part of Nintendo’s legacy. Here is a list of games and game series that I think Nintendo could do astounding things with. Some are plausible while others are downright bonkers.

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SegaGamer1400d ago

Sorry, but no, i do not want to see Sonic bought off of SEGA. SEGA has it's own style and if Nintendo bought Sonic then it wouldn't be the same, the game designs would be different.

There is also no chance of this ever happening. Sonic is the face of SEGA, if SEGA was to sell Sonic they would finished.

dcj05241400d ago

Exactly. Sonic lost world was basically handled by nintendo. Not that it's bad. Just not the best.

randomass1711400d ago

Just checked it on Wikipedia and it seems that that's inaccurate. It was published by Nintendo but only in EU and Australia. Everywhere else was Sega's doing and the game was developed by Sonic Team and Dimps.

SpiralTear1400d ago

I honestly don't think Nintendo would need to buy these franchises to earn advantage from them. Sonic Lost World, quality aside, sold well enough and it's not like Capcom is doing anything else with Mega Man beyond his Smash Bros. appearance.

Nintendo doesn't need to own these franchises to benefit from them.

mydyingparadiselost1400d ago

The only one here I really agree with is Mega Man. Bayo is Kamiyas' baby, that's not going anywhere, Sonic is still a major mascot for Sega, LBP is Sony and MicroCraft probably isn't going to any more platforms.