Destiny needs a better voice chat system

Bungie’s new first-person shooter Destiny, is a decidedly lonely experience, but it shouldn't be. Destiny needs a better voice chat system.

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pat_11_51550d ago

I'd have so much more fun with Destiny if the voice chat system wasn't so flawed.

joab7771550d ago

Exactly. If they r gonna b an mmo, and they r...YOU ARE BUNGIE AND A GREAT ONE FOR A LAUNCH!...gonna need chat box and proximity chat. We r gonna make clans and probably get some kinda hall so we need a chat box so we can shout and communicate w/ those friends we r not in a party W/.

Maybe they don't realize just how important that is for community. And w/ the ease of keyboard use on ps4 and possible PC port, it only makes sense.

GamingSinceThe80s1550d ago

One would think they farmed out the voice work to

AgentSmithPS41549d ago

When I see lonely and voice chat in the same sentence I can't help but think of BF4, at least in 99% of the CQ matches I'm in. These strangely oblivious companies need to put an EASY way to quickly find other people that want to communicate and work as a team, it's a lot more fun that way.

tastas211550d ago

Destiny is a bad game. Voice chat doesn't fix a bad game lol.

MysticStrummer1550d ago

"Destiny is a bad game."

Neither the scores nor the sales agree with you.

spacedelete1550d ago

Destiny needs better gameplay first of all.

joab7771550d ago

What fps game has better gameplay? Seriously. I'd love to know. It's gameplay and gunplay are amazing and it will only get better.

MysticStrummer1550d ago

I haven't played it yet, but everyone I know who has loves it. I'm confused by all the hate.

spicelicka1550d ago

loll gameplay is tight and perfect, you must have paws instead of hands.

wsoutlaw871549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

I think you misread the reviews

Xb1ps41550d ago

Anyone still playing diablo 3 on ps4?

joab7771550d ago

Love Diablo 3, bit don't mention it in a Destiny comment section. It's repetitive and had no content lol!

Xb1ps41550d ago

I didnt mean anything about it towards destiny i was just looking for a active section for a response.. Forums and other searches seem to be no help.

Have you done bounties? The one on ruins of corvus when you beat adria, how the hell do you leave that arena? Same with the other guy in the bell tower.

daBUSHwhaka1550d ago

First on a long list.So many things missing that could make it better.It's a shame really.Feels rushed.

joab7771550d ago

No offense, but other than the lack of cutscenes, which are not prevalent in mmos, nothing about this game feels rushed.

daBUSHwhaka1550d ago

So many simple things that you would expect from a so called AAA title are missing.3man squads,no voice chat outside your fireteam,lack of story,tacked on pvp,all been done better before from devs with less skill than bungie.Your obviously easily satisfied.The game lacks in quite a few departments.Simple features that should be there from day one,that you would expect to from a such a massive game.

wsoutlaw871549d ago

I agree that its missing some stuff like more variety to weaponsand missions, and npcs out in the world, but tacked on pvp??? what? Also the no voice chat outside of your fire team, why? Id rather not have to hear every 12 year old idiot that walks buy. If I want to play with someone coop and chat, ill invite them to my fireteam.

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The story is too old to be commented.