Ubisoft is Sending this Guy to Play Far Cry 4 on Everest

Quest for Everest has a winner: this guy will play Far Cry 4 from the world's highest mountain.

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conjurdevil1376d ago

I wish they chose some fat person , that would be so much more fun!

wsoutlaw871376d ago

ya but everest is no joke. Did it say anywhere how far hes going?

Gravity_DoGG1376d ago

propably gonna be flying in a helicopter all the way to the top. joke

WeAreLegion1376d ago

Oddly enough, they can't just fly a helicopter up there. Otherwise, they would have saved the people who got stuck climbing. The air is too unpredictable up there.

wsoutlaw871376d ago

yep everest is too high even for a chopper so it seems obvious he isnt going to be playing a game up there.

AgentSmithPS41376d ago

I wonder if the sherpas will attack them when they tell them they have to wear the pink suits?

BrandanT1376d ago

Okay, In my opinion, marketing for video games is getting perplexing and out of hand.

AgentSmithPS41376d ago

I hope they don't arrange an 'accident' for the poor person to get the pity sales ;).

Bladesfist1376d ago

What? I am pretty sure an accident like that will get them negative press. It is already a very difficult and very dangerous climb.

Wni01376d ago

Where is the MP feature video or news?

spicelicka1376d ago

Wow this is insane! but how does it work? Is he gonna carry a portable screen and a console and far cry 4 up there? Or there are camp set up at a checkpoint?? Are they serious about him actually playing the game up there!?