PrimeGuard first to complete Destiny's Vault of Glass raid, but not without heavy casualties

GameZone: "Ten-and-a-half hours after the opening of the Vault of Glass raid in Destiny, and we finally have our first completed run. That honor belongs to PrimeGuard who was one of the groups streaming their gameplay today."

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Well done boys!

I tried the vault last night, I was a 26 and the rest of the team were all 25's and 24's feeling all gun-hoo happy.

I told them it would be a waste of time, they was like "na, will do it, we can manage"... needless to say we couldn't even open the vault!

what a joke of a team we were

poor_cus_of_games1398d ago

I had a bit of a go with 3 other random people. We died. A lot. Couldn't even hold one of them switch/plate thingys for more than 10 seconds. I really need the vanguard armour.

HiddenMission1398d ago

So I'm guess your under level 25...I have 2 legendary vanguard gear pieces not including the cloak and two legendary weapons (Scout rifle and Machine Gun) and even I don't feel ready (currently at lvl 25 myself).

They said you need to be around lvl 28 to make it easier and watch some of the feeds if your all not at lvl 26 then you need some lvl 28's to make up for the weaker players.

shinrock1398d ago

Dose this add to the story in any way? Or is this just for more items?

Reddzfoxx1398d ago

You can get ascendant shards and energy from the raids which you can use to max out legendary armor and guns. Looks like all guns are capped at 300 damage right now.