EA C&C team still 'very interested' in PS3 - Plans to give the PS3 the 'attention it deserves pretty soon'

Videogamer writes: "A has reassured PS3 owners that they should not be concerned by the putting "on hold" of the PS3 version of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 and the lack of a PS3 version of Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath, and reiterated its commitment to the platform "going forward".

In an interview with, Kane's Wrath associate producer Jim Vessella said that EALA (the division of EA which is responsible for its RTS games, including Command & Conquer and Battle for Middle Earth) was still "very interested" in the PS3 and "big fans" of Sony's console.

When asked why there was no PS3 version of Kane's Wrath, Vessella replied: "The PS3, it would just be extra development time we didn't really have right now, so we could focus on the 360. And also specifically with Kane's Wrath, because we're building off of the foundation of Tiberium Wars it was just a natural transition to continue with the 360 exclusive development."

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SickNick853684d ago

if they are interested it's the wrong way...

kosha3684d ago

What are you trying to say. That ea are interested in ps3 in a sexual way. Im quessing you meant that you dont want ea games because theyre crap or something

Genesis53684d ago

Meaning now that you actually have an install base. We will try to develope for the PS3 system, instead of giving you crappy ports.

mikeslemonade3684d ago

If the developer can't make a PS3 port without excuses than they're probably a bad developer making a bad game. I don't want this mediocre game anyway.

Bladestar3684d ago

They will continue to be interested until they release their first game and it sells like 50 copies... all they have to do is read some of the sony fans comments in this site to know that Sony fans do not believe in RTS games in consoles...

Drekken3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

PS3 owners wont buy crap ports. I think we have made that point pretty clear. Make us an exclusive or an equal port and then see what happens. Mouse & keyboard is the only way to play RTS proper. PS3 CAN use them.

Wildarmsjecht3684d ago

Because the whole of N4G describes every single PS3 owner? Seriously, what?

RTS can work on the PS3 just fine, it does support keyboard and mouse, and is manageable anyway. What PS3 owners don't want, and shouldnt want (as any self respecting gamer would) is a crappy port. 50

TheHater3684d ago

Sony fan made it clear that they don't buy crappy ports. It is as simple as that. Look at Call of Duty 4, and Burnout, they sold very good on the ps3 because they wasn't crappy port

Bladestar3684d ago

Developers can't really on Keyboard and mouse for consoles.. unless Sony starts shipping PS3 with keyboards and mouse... that practically the same issues with the camera... developers can't a game to primarity use the camera unless the game comes with a camera... it's common sense... and is the same issue PSN has with not many people using or having a microphone.. because it does not come with the PS3... the same problem will exist if a company brings a game that rely completely on voice activation unless they ship the game with a mic... get the point? not many consoles gamers may have a keyboard or mouse they can use... specially if they do not have a table to put the mouse and keyboard which it would equal to a PC... why? because if you have a keyboard and mouse you most likely have a PC.. so why not buy the game directly on the PC...

Did the keyboard and mouse support help the PS3 sell lots of copies of unreal tournament? nope... asking for keyboard and mouse instead of a robust and intuitive way of playing RTS games with a gamepad is just dumb and something that developers will not do.. since it will break the console gamer demographic they are trying to make... developers are trying to make RTS enjoyable and doable with a gamepad.. and they succeeded on the xbox 36o with various games... focusing on using keyboard and mouse and not the gamepad will cripple their games.. and people will simply buy the PC version.. since PC with K&M is more natural than Console with K&M.. not to mention that a computer already have a desk to lean the keyboard and mouse on..

juuken3684d ago

I say down with the crap ports.

Wildarmsjecht3684d ago

Here's where your logic falters.

You say because PS3's arent shipped with a keyboard and mouse it's not logical for developers to rely on that sort of support, so they're working hard on the 360 version for gamepad? Last I checked, PS3's came with a controller as well. Your post has no relevance as to why PS3 owners wouldnt want to play a RTS. I pointed out that if they wanted to use a keyboard and mouse, they could, np. A Desk? They can easily put it there since they have the ability to use a bluetooth version of both, for a cheap price might I add. What we're arguing against is a bad port, not a game that can be good with game pads. Why do you assume that 360 owners will want it moreso than PS3 owners when they themselves don't have that level of support for KB and Mouse?

Oh because well, it's on the 360? Your arguments are ridiculously one sided with no backing. UT3's sales had nothing to do with KB and M. If people wanted to use it, they would have. The game was good, but the franchise has faltered since and if you're a fan, you'll get it. If not, you won't.

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PimpHandHappy3684d ago

your right

i myself buy one or two of these games a year and its ALWAYS on the PC. I wont even try a RTS on a controler. The key board is key for games like these....Rome Total War was great. I played a couple in that series and also a couple C&C games.

How did the last RTS game do on the 360? Did they have one yet?


its the only game type that doesnt belong on conseles. Keep it to the PC and let me use my key board to micro-manage....i know the PS3 can use a key board. These are just the type of game i play once a year and i will only use my PC....i didnt upgrade my chip for nothing

Armyless3684d ago

What's that? You didn't know it came out on the PS1? huh

Seriously, though, it was a blast!

name3684d ago

Bladestar you're a moron. UT3 was keyboard and mouse compatible -_-

juuken3684d ago

o_o Shhhh, you might get banned for saying that!

Bladestar3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

You think I don't know that? trust me.. UT on the PS3 is my favorite example when proving how much people care about K&M support and Mods on consoles... since it was such of a flop in terms of sells on the PS3... though it may be a different case on the xbox 360...

and if you were smarter you would read what I wrote on my previous comment, "Did the keyboard and mouse support help the PS3 sell lots of copies of unreal tournament"... who's the moron now? you didn't noticed I said that on my comment.

UT3 is a good example of the importance of K&M and mods on consoles... gamers do not want developers to bring these PC features.. they want developers to figure out how to make it work with the gamepad... and how far FPS in console have gotten is prove of that... specially when so many ignorant people used to say, "FPS in consoles cannot be done and wouldn't work".. I am sure you was one of them.

The same will happen with RTS games... and so far games like C&C for the xbox 360 and LOR enjoyed some success and many people that purchased the game loved it... but they are now getting better... games like Halo wars will prove this...

Expecting developer to just port the PC version and add K&M support on console instead of designing a game to work with game pad.. is like asking developer to do the same with FPS... just stupid... and the fact that FPS regardless of how many haters used to say it couldn't be done is living prove of that...

Wildarmsjecht3684d ago

Please tell me why it would be a different case on the 360 in terms of sales DIRECTLY correlating to KB and M support. If KB and M is so important, you'd think the 360 would be able to support it so much easier.

mikeslemonade3684d ago

UT3 didn't sell well on PS3, PC, and it will not sell well for the 360 without the mods. But atleast with UT3 on PS3 were still having fun. The game is no fun without the mods if you plan on playing the game for more than a week.

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Fishy Fingers3684d ago

better they wait until they can donate enough time to it anyway, no body wants a crap port.

Plus, any true C&C fan will buy this for the PC, so it isnt "turned down" and they have the mouse/k-board support.

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