Do We Owe More Gratitude to Call of Duty Than We Think?

We gamers can all agree to one thing, Call of Duty has been one of the most copied and pasted games of all time, it is starting to feel like a Madden game. Since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, there hasn’t been very much change in the formula. Pick a primary weapon, a secondary, a tactical and lethal grenade and some perks.

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DarkOcelet1376d ago

Changing a successful formula too much can really damage a franchise , like Resident Evil 6 , at least 5 had all the components from 4 except the horror elements and adding Co Op which was good for some and bad for other but aside from that , its graphics were excellent , it had the weapon upgrades , it had treasures . If only it was scary and had a merchant and Chris could have been alone in single player mode , it would have been great .

shloobmm31375d ago

I have beaten Resident Evil 4 twice and that seems to be everyones go to game in the series.I can't for the life of me understand what is scary about the game tho? I felt some of the Leon sections( and only the leon ones) in Resident Evil 6 were darker and scarier than anything that happened in Resident Evil 4.

eworthington01375d ago

I dont think so.
Not that its bad.
Just nah.

IrishSt0ner1375d ago

I disagree with many of the points in this article.

Call of Duty 1-3 were great world war games, at the time Halo (and Counter-strike previously) held the crown for most popular MP FPS... COD4 was a game changer, even though they didn't change the COD formula much, the leap into Modern Combat obliterated all other competiiton.

A few subsequent COD games were pretty decent, but the market became saturated with clones, the COD formula became tired, but it has never really changed. The franchise was doomed once the real IW left and the yearly realeases.

There's so many older games which created FPS that contributed much more to the genre. I'm a big fan of the orignal COD, I hate the newer games, but I realise Call of Duty was just a refinement of already establised ideas.

Oschino19071375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

"The franchise was doomed once the real IW left and the yearly realeases."

IW was what started the downhill trend in MW2, it's because of MW2 that many long time players left and the influx of new players began.

MW2 by far had the most exploits and bugs along with horrible balance and one sided overpowered streaks that only rewarded people fighting for KDR and not objectives.

Also COD has always been an annually released game with many other variations in between for multiple platforms. There are actually less COD games these last few years compared to its first 7 years.

dcj05241375d ago

Yeah, to me the only good CODS are 1,2,4,5,7 and hopefully 11. 3 was just, not good. 6 had too many exploits. 8 was also just not good, many mark the downhill spiral here. 9 I personally didn't enjoy but to each their own. 10 is another not good one and nobody has 11.

Loadedklip1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

I was 100% HOOKED on Call of Duty from MW2, Blops 1 and MW3.

It was with Blops 2 that I started to lose interest and then I didn't buy Ghost.

With that said ... the franchise does hold a special place in my heart and gave me hundreds and hundreds of great gaming.

The internet is just too harsh on it because it is so successful.

Just support the games you love and if you don't like Call of Duty ... don't buy it like I didn't buy Ghost.

Let the millions of others enjoy it in peace while using your limited bubbles to praise and push the games you love instead.

You will see me praising games like Wonderful 101, Shovel Knight, Guacamelee! normally and I hope a post like this helps some people make a decision to check these games out and hopefully they love it as much or more than I do.

WeAreLegion1375d ago

We owe more to Battlefield 2's multi-player than Modern Warfare, but Modern Warfare popularized many great things. Plus, the campaigns of 1, 2, MW, and MW2 are phenomenal! Developers were copying MW for years.

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