Nomura: Versus XIII on hold, S-E blow out on TGS

Famitsu has conducted an interview with Nomura about the upcoming DKS3713 private event, and managed to get a few new details.

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ice_prophecy3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

I am satisfied with that.

Get it out the door.

TheHater3656d ago

could it mean they are trying to get it out this year?

Megaton3656d ago

Agreed. Throw everything at the main title (I assume that's the main title between the two), worry about Versus next. We don't need both of them at or around the same time, especially if it means one comes earlier than it normally would have.

Vicophine3656d ago

Oyashiro-sama ftw.

I think this is good, as I'm more excited about XIII than vXIII, not a KH kind of person.

Bill Gates3656d ago

I think 13 will be out for Dec. 2008 and vs. 13 for 2010.

The PS3 needs a Square JRPG this year. F%@* it, what I meant to say is "I WANT A JRPG FROM SQUARE THIS YEAR". There much better.

marinelife93656d ago

Get er done

They don't want to release them too close to each other anyway.

juuken3656d ago

I can wait for Versus, but FFXIII needs to come out. I will be extremely happy if it came out this year.

iamtehpwn3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

If Final Fantasy XIII gets finished, this means Kitase COULD Theoritically begin work on the Final Fantasy VII remake, while the versus team returns and works. Skeptically, that could happen. You can tell he's wanted to do one really bad from his recent comments.

Expect a Japanese release (possibly world wide, after the president's statement) of Final Fantasy XIII Fall 2009.

Light Yagami3656d ago

I'm glad they're focusing on FFXIII. Put all your efforts on it Square. I can't wait for it.

Tomdc3656d ago

On one hand: Yay Final Fantasy 13 Sooner!


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SUP3R3656d ago

Cool, so I guess this means XIII '09 and vs.XIII '10...I can definitely live with that.

hideo kojima3656d ago

Maybe you can but what about people who bought ps3 in 2006 after seeing news about these games on launch?

PS360WII3656d ago

not bad getting both teams to finish up the main project is good. Hopefully they get some good feedback on the 358/2 game and get it running great ^^

Wildarmsjecht3656d ago

thats kool actually. If the versus team is helping the 13 team get it out as soon as possible, then the 13 team can help the versus team in turn as well. Nice.

nice_cuppa3656d ago

its still another delay !

Ashta3656d ago

It may "lead" to a delay but considering that Square-Enix never gave a release date for Versus XIII officially then its not really a delay. It's just....a change in production priorities.

kingOVsticks3656d ago

when it never had a release date 0.o

DJ3656d ago

To convince themselves. *shrug

Metal Gear Solid3656d ago

People don't tend to show games 4 years before they are released. Also though not specific Square did talk about late 2007 and 2008 for FF13 sometime ago.

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