GTA 5: Old-Gen vs Next-Gen Screenshot Comparison

Slider comparison between GTA 5 Xbox 360 and GTA 5 PlayStation 4 version.

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frostypants1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

Site is down.

Pro-tip, folks: don't post your site to N4G if you have a Mickey Mouse web host.

AgentSmithPS41159d ago

Yep I'm glad I waited.

I wonder if I could use a wheel with this and PS4 (don't have a newer wheel yet), I'd get extra enjoyment when going on a rampage on the streets.

Perjoss1159d ago

Current version is already a fantastic looking game and considering the limitations it pulls off so much technically too in terms of world scale, vistas and view distance. Cannot wait to play this on PS4!

MRMagoo1231159d ago

Doesn't it get you excited about what they will squeeze out of the ps4 at the ending years of this new gen :)

madworld1159d ago

Not exactly what i thoughts nothing impressive What i want to see is a big gaaaaaab between old and new version with an amazing weather and time lapse effect if you guys don't understand what i mean see this video:

Septic1159d ago

The original game was amazing in its own right so I can forgive the somewhat 'conservative' upgrade. In fact, it puts some next-gen games to shame in m opinion (not gonna mention names because you lot will pounce on me)

MRMagoo1231159d ago

I'm gonna say watch dogs lol by far my biggest disappointment this gen.

UltraNova1159d ago

Scared little chicken? hmm?

Ashunderfire861159d ago

Thisput Watchdogs to shame visually and gameplay. When GTA 5 comes out for PS4/X1/ and PC, then Watchdogs will be an after thought.

mmcglasson1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

I think it looks 10 times better than the PS3/360 version. The PS3/360 version were already amazing looking on 7/8 year old consoles. RockStar has really made some massive changes. Those changes will make me feel proud to drop another $60-100 (depending on if there is a collector's edition).

Gravity_DoGG1159d ago

Just pre ordered yesterday, but I'm gonna change it if there is gonna be a collectors edition at some point.

Hoping for another Los Santos Cap ;-;

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The story is too old to be commented.