Gamer Confession: PT made me pee myself a little

Apixelatedview's survival horror guru takes a late look at Konami's PT and he almost makes a mess on himself.

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NeoGamer2321522d ago

I wish that these opinion games hyping games way before release should be banned. After the past year of hyping games like Killzone, Ryse, Knack, infamous, Watch Dogs, Destiny, etc. as 10/10's well before they released, you would think people would learn...

Yet, here we are probably at least a year before release and this game is being hyped through the roof!

I will agree the trailer was a work of art. But, until we get close to a release date we won't know how good or bad the game really is.

jokerman271522d ago

I do agree with you, there have been A LOT of let downs, but the survival horror buff in me is hoping so much that we're getting back to basics in that genre. I can't wait for The Evil Within!