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iDigitalTimes - "Destiny isn’t a terrible game. Bungie’s shared-world shooter features a solid mechanical base, its campaign does include roughly 15 hours of “entertainment”, and those willing to put up with a little repetition will certainly never run out of things to do after the credits roll. But, the real question is, will you have enough fun with Destiny to justify a 60-plus dollar purchase?

Right now, for most people, I think the answer is no."

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averagejoe261371d ago

So mmorpg players dish out money per month, totaling hundreds of dollars to run the same missions over and over and that's OK?

But destiny costs 60 to do that and it's a bad thing?

I've only seen about one or two unbiased, educated reviews on this game on the entire internet

super_lazy1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

The problem with this argument is that you're operating under the assumption that I'd give World of Warcraft (or any current MMO) a significantly higher score. Guess what?

I wouldn't.

World of Warcraft would probably score higher than any other MMO on the market right now, but my own preferences would keep me from giving that game more than an 8. In part because I don't look at games the same way as I did when I was in high school anymore, when I dropped 700 hours on the "vanilla" version of the game.

I'm glad that you're enjoying Destiny. Despite what your friends tell you, games writers don't sit around in a room trying to figure out how to make everyone else's life hell. We play the games we're assigned to review and then try to explain what we did or didn't like. In this case, there was plenty I hated about Destiny, but I also made pretty clear that I'm still playing the game in my free time.

I'm glad you're enjoying the game. I got into this business specifically because of the joy that comes from getting your hands on a game that you really love, and would like nothing more than to hear that's what you're experiencing with Destiny.

Keep playing for as long as you're having fun!

Just maybe learn how to be less shitty on the internet, too.