5 Things That Annoy Us About Destiny, And 5 Things We Love About It

Nerdacy: "Let's be honest here, we were all downright excited for Destiny. I am thoroughly enjoying my time with the game, but it does have its issues. Some are menial and can be overlooked, but others just make me question why wasn't this particular thing added or done. So, here are the five things that annoy us about Destiny and then another 5 things that we actually love about the game."

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DoomeDx1549d ago

What I hate is the enormous amount of health they gave to some bosses. And ugh dont get me started about enemy shields..

TRD4L1fe1549d ago

They dont what peolpe blowing by bosses and enemy shields are easy to take down if you have weapons that they are weak agaisnt

SirBradders1549d ago

I'm still trying to figure that out you have arc, void and fire what enemies week against what?

caseh1549d ago

Just found this, should prove to be handy for you:

•Fallen - Arc damage, signified by blue shields
•Hive - Solar damage, signified by orange shields
•Vex - Void damage, signified by purple shields (exception: some Harpies have arc shields)
•Cabal - Solar damage, signified by orange shields

As a general rule, I always go with pulse rifles to drop shields. The bigger the clip the better.

LordMaim1549d ago

@SirBradders: Use the weapon that has the damage of the same color as the enemy's shield.

xHeavYx1549d ago

I actually have issues with the enemy's AI. I play by myself sometimes and, every time there is a big group of enemies, they go away or hide after being shot once or twice, so I have to chase them one by one

SirBradders1549d ago

@all the above
Thanks guys.

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LackTrue4K1549d ago

I hate shields in multiplayer!!!! A head shot should drop a player!!!

xHeavYx1549d ago

What's the point of having a shield then?

TRD4L1fe1549d ago

a headshot with the sniper rifle will down a enemy with 1 shot

DivoJones1549d ago

Deploy the dink.. I like it. Another fine set of bullet-points on the pros/cons. Personally, I've got an external HDD on my XB1 (usb 3.0, 7200rpm) and the load times really aren't bad at all. I did notice on my ps4 that they were longer, but I haven't done a SSD upgrade yet so that's my own fault. (Yes I own both consoles, and yes I own Destiny on both)

I find it entertaining that Bungie doesn't 'understand' why people complain about the game size and only having 4 'open areas'. The problem is that those open areas are just that.. open.. empty.. lifeless. I did a mission on Mars yesterday and had to ride my speeder for long intervals to get to the objective and remember thinking .. 'wow this looks amazingly like the moon'. Would like to see something new and unique like a frozen pluto, or a fiery lava field on Io (Jupiter's volcanic moon).

But then I'm no game developer with 500 million at my disposal.. so it's easy for me to say.

caseh1549d ago

'I did notice on my ps4 that they were longer, but I haven't done a SSD upgrade yet'

Got a hybrid in mine, load times are still atrocious. I would be interested to know if there's any difference between the PS3 and PS4 load times.

martinezjesus19931549d ago

Load times are much longer in the full game than on the beta, it was very annoying at first but now i take it as an opportunity to text people back since there is no way to pause game.

phoenixwake1549d ago

They're fairly long but not too awful. Bear in mind I have a hybrid SSHD. Protip though: You can press Start and go into your inventory while loading, dismantle stuff, look at your bounties, etc.. Not many games let you do this. Like I can't even name another game that does this.

So that's a plus.