Discounted DriveClub PS4 Pre-Order Now Available in North America

As Game Director Paul Rustchynsky hoped, the DriveClub pre-order is now available through the PlayStation Store in North America.

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ftwrthtx1371d ago

Why pre-order what I'm going to get for free? LOL Gotta love PS+

Sev1371d ago

True dat, homeslizzle.

ps4fanboy1371d ago

It's good(psn+ version) but you get way more for full game upgrade and even more with the season pass , I'm aiming at doing both and getting a wheel asap , t300 , cannot wait!!!

bleedsoe9mm1371d ago

i'll see how the ps+ version plays then decide whether to buy the full version

WeAreLegion1371d ago

So you can pre-load it. Also for exposure.

FanboyKilla1371d ago

Why would i preorder a game when im going to get to see if i like it for free? Hmmmm nice try. Cant wait to see what this game is going to be. I really hope it is a good, fun game. If not my ps4 is going to be on disabled list untill 2015. Its been on dl for months. If drive club cant give me something, it maybe time to trade for better talent.

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ps4fanboy1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

Wonder what joys are coming up at Sony press conference in Japan in 10 hours... Getting better n better.

WeAreLegion1371d ago

Ten hours?!? I'm going to be staying up all night, aren't I? :/

GribbleGrunger1371d ago

Any link for that press conference?

asiatico1371d ago

Link to conference, what time is it going down?

GribbleGrunger1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

It's on IGN but I was hoping for a Youtube link:

And here's a Ustream link:

It's on at 6pm UK

Iceman X1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

It seems that ALOT of people think they're getting the full game free. People don't read or do research, you get part of the game free with PS+ not the full game. You have the option to buy th rest of the game at a discount.

DarXyde1371d ago

I'll take the free edition for now. If I like it, I'll plunk down on the full game.

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