Minecraft and Mojang Are Now Part of Microsoft: No PlayStation Support for Minecraft 2?

The Web Graffiti: "Microsoft has made an announcement today that it intends to pay $2.5 billion for Mojang, which is the developer of the very popular Minecraft game. Analysts say that this move by Microsoft is a way of purchasing the massive community that’s evolved around the Mojang game."

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Codewow1067d ago

I would expect them to go exclusive with whatever game they do next.. Minecraft 2 will NEVER sell as well as Minecraft if they make it...

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The_Infected1067d ago

How can there even be a Minecraft 2? What else could they possibly do that Minecraft doesn't already do?

The_Infected1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

Maybe. I guess we'll have to wait and see I guess. They could possibly have another big game idea or in development that we don't know.

MrSwankSinatra1067d ago

Isn't that basically Project Spark.

tinynuggins1066d ago

Being able to switch between beautiful dynamic high res assets back to basic with the press of a button similar to the Halo anniversary editions would be pretty cool. I'm kind of excited that MS bought Minecraft. I think we will get more frequent updates as a result. I except the team to double in size over the next year.

BG115791066d ago

Yeah, they'll probably make realistic graphics.
No more cubes!!!!


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cyril sneer1065d ago


Have you not seen the mods that add tons of new blocks,machines,electricity and many other things like bee keeping also they could add much better physics.So for example when you chop a tree it actually falls over like in real life.
I would love a minecraft 2

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Quicktim31066d ago

no, just release it first on xbox one, then just put it on ps4 later.

that would make it a win win for them.

lunatic00011065d ago

I think if they ever made a new Minecraft game...they would release it on every platform not just windows and xbox

Jiiiiiiin1065d ago

Who cares by children games

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