Minecraft and Mojang Are Now Part of Microsoft: No PlayStation Support for Minecraft 2?

The Web Graffiti: "Microsoft has made an announcement today that it intends to pay $2.5 billion for Mojang, which is the developer of the very popular Minecraft game. Analysts say that this move by Microsoft is a way of purchasing the massive community that’s evolved around the Mojang game."

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Codewow1375d ago

I would expect them to go exclusive with whatever game they do next.. Minecraft 2 will NEVER sell as well as Minecraft if they make it...

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qwerty6761373d ago

no, just release it first on xbox one, then just put it on ps4 later.

that would make it a win win for them.

lunatic00011373d ago

I think if they ever made a new Minecraft game...they would release it on every platform not just windows and xbox

Jiiiiiiin1373d ago

Who cares by children games

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