First Destiny Raid Began Today, Combined Arms & Queen's Wrath Events Dated

Earlier today, the first Destiny six-player Raid, The Vault of Glass, went live, with Bungie calling it "the most intense and uniquely challenging end-game activity in Destiny, requiring strategic communication and close co-operation to win."

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ftwrthtx1377d ago

really enjoying this game

Battlefieldlover1376d ago

Me too :) leveled up twice last night to 24 and got my first legendary weapon with an engrim. Can't freaking stop... dosn't even feel like grinding with friends.

OT: OP or anyone who wants to do the raid add me!!! "GrandClover" PS4 Central US time.

joab7771376d ago

And as they said while everyone reviewed it b4 level cap, they were waiting for ppl to be geared for it.

1111 kills on normal mode. Damn.


I dont see why everyone is hating on this game. Its extremely fun and addicting with friends. I finally hit lvl 22 now im trying to decide which faction to join

T2X1376d ago

I know. It's a blast! Especially with friends.

ceballos77mx1376d ago

Im very tempted to hit this raid but ill be more of a burden than a help, my warlock sits at lvl 23 so maybe soon.
PSN ID ceballos77

vikingland11376d ago

I hear what you're saying I'm too low of a level also. Guess it's back to srikes and patrols. This game is so fun.

Saelyn1376d ago

This is why I scream at my clan to carry me! :D

vikingland11376d ago

Funny bubble. Did you see the kill count of the team in the article. Dang that's some major battling right there.

Saelyn1376d ago

Yeah I was really shocked and thought I'll need to be at my peak if we are to get through it.

joab7771376d ago

Which is why they waited. This is just the beginning. I can't wait to see how this game grows as long as ppl don't giv up on it b4 really getting into it.

Blasphemy1376d ago

Don't like the fact that you have to have 6 friends to do it