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"It's been a small journey reviewing Destiny, but now I've experienced every facet of the game and I'm ready to make my decision. As mentioned previously, the story and setting leave a lot to be desired, but the gunplay is very sound, and the PVP element reminds me of some of my favorite shooters, filled with tons of exciting moments.

But even after digging into the nitty-gritty, the endgame structure is rigid and has too many problems at the current moment to warrant a full recommendation."

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metalmatters1521d ago

I still feel a 6 for a game like this is a little bit too harsh, the fun it provides when you play with your buddies on a fire team is enough to warrant an 8. It has solid shooting mechanics, great art direction and an ever expanding story. People are judging this game too quick

venom061521d ago

between 6.5-7 as most of the critics are giving it, it's pretty spot on from what i've played so far.

Paytaa1521d ago

I feel like this game is just hit or miss with some people. It's very split between those who love it or hate it. Personally I like the game but it's best played with friends. I hope the promise of expanding the world becomes a reality rather than sounding good on paper. I'd give Destiny an 8/10 for what it offers at the moment.

Eldyraen1521d ago

I think most reviews from 6-8 are pretty fair depending on how you look at the game.

The story thus far (expansions should build on it but as is the core game is what I'm talking about ATM) isn't the best by any means or even on par with any Halo game. The potential is there but we still know almost nothing about the universe at large. As it stands I feel more like I bought the first episodes of several different games and am now left wondering when I get the rest.

I still enjoyed it and I see me playing it (strikes especially--I want full world levels open as higher level too though) for quite some time but not as much as I would had liked.

I am happy with the purchase and personally I would give it 7.5-8.5 (tough game to score IMO as some of it is great, like actual shooting mechanics, but other parts of it don't seem as polished--especially the story and way the universe unfolds). I can see me coming back now and again for new content once I get "tired" of Destiny but it isn't something I see me playing as often as Halo or Borderlands.

I would still pick up Destiny 2 if it came out tomorrow but it needs some changes IMO. The story especially (and how it is presented) needs the most work. There is a huge difference between leaving someone wanting more and whatever they went with in Destiny.

But as I said, somehow I still enjoyed it and do but it didn't feel "complete" to me and is instead a "great" above average/good game so I can see why some people are bashing it a bit much even if I enjoy it.

Neixus1521d ago

No, they're actually judging this game pretty late, considering it's been a while since the game came out.

Zeniix1521d ago

When I see this game getting something like a six I wonder how much they have played.

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HebrewHammer1521d ago

Am I missing something? I LOVE this game - quite possibly my GotY, aside from The Last of Us Remastered and Diablo III UED - if those count lol

BinaryMind1521d ago

Funny that the other two are just re-releases of existing games. Kind of proves how little competition there is for your GoTY.

OOMagnum1521d ago

So true Binary, Roflmao.

Shadowolf1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

With games like Assasin's Creed Unity, Far Cry 4, COD Advance Warfare, Alien Isolation, Dragon Age Inquisition, Lords of the Fallen, The Evil Within and Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor all of which are releasing within in the next 2 months, Destiny, based on its lackluster reviews doesn't stand a chance of becoming even mentioned as a GOTY contender. The hype can only go so far.

fluxmulder1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Great reviews so far, really restores my faith in the critics. I wish they had been this honest with TLOU.

Septic1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Once upon a time he had 3 bubbles...

ANY way...I do think reviewers are being a tad harsh here. It definitely didn't live up to the hype but its still an enjoyable game, especially with mates. 6.5/10 seems a bit harsh to me but then again, its each to their own so fair enough.

VitaOwner1521d ago

My advice if you are on the fence is to play it yourself. I was skeptical at first but I've been playing everyday and having a blast with friends. You may still not like it, but I say give it a go and then judge.

venom061521d ago

or you can save you money and trust the Metacritic score and user scores of this game. Although people hate to admit it, usually it's pretty spot on, when folks take the fanboy goggles off.

Blastoise1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Never ever trust metacritic scores, from users OR critics. That's a terrible suggestion. Play whatever the heck you want and whatever you think looks fun

VitaOwner is right

VitaOwner1521d ago

I believe everyone is capable of forming their own opinions and don't always have to follow the opinions of others. Even if the majority feel one way, those in the minority can feel completely different. And I don't mean buy it and try it, I meant play a friend's copy or something along those lines. There are no fanboy goggles, I played it and I like it. I'm sorry if my opinion offends you.

Aceman181521d ago

I never trust trust anyone else's reviews to tell me want and want not to buy. I trust myself to make the right decision, and for me purchasing Destiny was the right decision as I'm loving the game.

For me its easily a solid 8-9 game not the broken game these reviewers suggest it is, I feel that's an insult to Bungie for all their hard work.

averagejoe261521d ago

The hate for this game is unreal.

Random games like samurai warriors... A dynasty warriors clone... Is getting 8/10 on most websites

if you were being that critical on every game, this wouldn't be the case

Something is wrong here

BigShotSmoov0071521d ago

You call it hate and I call it a honest opinion. They hype for this game was through the roof and it's no where near the level it was hyped to be. I get that this game is more about whats coming down the line rather than what's out right now but you can only review whats out right now and the game is repetitive, short story and very few online PvP modes. I think 6-7 is just about right for this game right now.

gangsta_red1521d ago

Why is it so hard to believe that this game just may not be all that great.

Should every site be giving it golden reviews and sing it's greatness from high atop mountains? Would you then be satisfied?

For what this game set out to do and what the devs said it would, it is indeed disappointing.

Dynasty Warriors is a game that does what it does and nothing else. The devs for that game never come out and put unrealistic expectations or hype on the game. Big publishers don't back those games with a 500 mill budget and console makers don't money hat exclusive content and buy up advertising for that game.

So nothing is wrong here, just reviewers giving their opinion on a game. And read most of the gamers who have played the game too. They also feel the same way.

traumadisaster1521d ago

I agree with your first part, there is no reason this can't be a bad game. I don't agree with your second thought about DW, the game should not get a better score cause it had lil marketing and promises like Destiney. In the end watch 5 min and see if it jives with u, cause that is most important.

GodGinrai1521d ago

I see it like this.

On one hand, maybe destiny is, destined (no pun intended) to expanded via DLC and updates right up until the sequel at which point, it will probably be a much bigger (better?) game than it is now. If that is the case. Fair enough...but reviewers are not supposed to review a game based on what it will become. They base their reviews on what it is now. They should not be expected to make exceptions, for this game. or any game for that matter.

And for people to be calling it hate...that is a strong word. All of these websites were hyping this game up. The same websites that are giving it mid level scores. It honestly is what it is. I think we have seen enough destiny reviews and blogs about reactions to it. Its getting old now. We all know whether we like the game or not by now.

gangsta_red1521d ago

@ traumadisaster

What I'm trying to say is you can't compare a game like Dynasty Warriors to Destiny. You can't compare the two scores and wonder why DW got the better score over Destiny. DW does what it does and does it well, they pretty much perfected their formula over the years. Destiny is a sudo-MMO, arcade type shooter on way more grand scale. And so far it looks like they haven't nailed down the gameplay or anything that was promised to make this game fun.

From what Destiny was hyped up and told to us what it would be it definitely failed. That is the reason for the bad scores, it didn't deliver what it was supposed to.

And I agree GodGinrai, reviewers can only review on what is offered now. And so far it's just not enough meat on the bone to call it a full meal.

rebeljoe141521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

That's because DW and SW are legitimately great and fun games with a already amazing story and lore.

cheetah1521d ago

Agreed. I suspect it may have something to do with Bungie aligning with Sony.This is an amazing game and deserves much better scores than it is receiving. This game is the last nail in the coffin of gaming journalism, they are now totally irrelevant.

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