Best Buy Ad 9/21 - 9/27

Take a look at the latest Best Buy weekly ad.

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Horny1520d ago

Looking forward to Fifa 15

Thefreeman0121520d ago

There is no deals there... Was expecting fifa to at least be 5 $ off

DarthJay1520d ago

They sent me about 15 emails today about my Disney INFINITY 2.0 pre-order saying it would be available tomorrow. This got me excited, until an hour later they sent another email saying "OOPSY, our bad, no early release for you." I hate pre-ordering from them and I only did it because I have Gamer Unlocked and get 20% off. Considering all the crap I am getting for that game, it pays for itself twice over, but it's annoying to be told your stuff is ready and then be told it's not. If they never told me, I'd be fine, but yeah... weak.