5 Things Bungie Needs to do to Improve Destiny

Our review for Destiny went live yesterday and while we obviously loved the game we still acknowledged that there were some fundamentals that need to be looked at to make the game better. Doug breaks down 5 of the most needed improvements.

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Bennibop1377d ago

Hard to take this guy seriously when he finds it strange there is no pause button on an always online game!

Digital_Anomaly1377d ago

Wow... you do realize that was a joke right?!

Hard to take a guy seriously when he can't read between the lines a bit and see some humor!

Kryptonite42O1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

there is no indication of that being a joke.
usually a jk, lol, /s would be used... if it was truly a joke, the author did a poor job of making that apparent

I completely agree with most of the list though.. especially that the gameplay seems to be the same... ghost does some computer wizardry while you fight off waves of enemies.. also the lack of explanation throughout the story..
still enjoying the game though!!

n4rc1377d ago

Haha.. Dinklebot.. I like that

But I agree with every point he makes.. That's my wishlist..

Plus better social options like chat and a system for finding a group.. I've said it before, even putting up a sign in the tower that people can gather around.. It takes 5 minutes! Lol

mochachino1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

I agree and add that they should turn the ship flying in to a mini-game that offers the possible to earn items/experience.

And in the tower, maybe even in that lounge area at the back, have a place where people that are looking for fireteam/raid members to congregate, communicate easily and make requests. Maybe turn the 4 dpad communications (dance, sit, etc.) to request to join, deny, accept, ignore.

strangeaeon1377d ago

More varied weapons and loot please, the rest I agree with.

Pintheshadows1376d ago

I can think of a lot more than five.

Text chat in the tower. Revamped loot system (quit with the stinginess). In game codex. Ability to have conversations with NPC's and Dinklebot. Add some wildlife to the planets to add a bit of variety to enemies and make the planets feel more alive. More character customisation options (add some beards) and allow to customise our charatcer whenever we like. Don't lock out colour palettes for armour. Make the shared world feel more shared and offer incentive to do random community events (up the frequency). Add in some more mission variety. Add a melee system that takes from the Sword of Chotra.

I could go on for a long long time. I feel like Destiny could have been something truly truly special. I kind of see what Bungie's vision was, but they are currently a long from it.

I don't hate Destiny at all. I think it is a solid crack at a new IP. It is decent, it is just frustrating to see Bungie make so many missteps that could have easily been resolved.