Shrewd Business or the End of Days? - Twitter Reacts as Microsoft buy Minecraft for $2.5 billion

Dealspwn: "As Notch wrote in his farewell blog post, Minecraft belongs to its millions of fans as well as Microsoft. There's a lot of love for the voxel-based trailblazer, and there were a range of reactions to the confirmation of the buyout on Twitter, even when the buyout was a mere whisper."

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1374d ago
FarEastOrient1374d ago

Time will tell to see if the company overpaid for Majong. It's hard to see how one property is worth 60% the value that Disney paid for Marvel or Lucasfilm Industry.

Sh0ckWav31374d ago

All that on a Dev... But we got a underpower Xboxone... :-\

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