Destiny's Big Halo Problem

Destiny, Bungie's return to consoles, has faced one big problem since it hit shelves last week: the past.

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Hands Up For Games1498d ago

To be fair, I think Destiny's biggest problem is actually . . . . . Destiny.

jriquelme_paraguay1498d ago

nope. haters who don not play the game and talk are the problem. I love this game. the most fun game this new gen by far.

EinRobot1498d ago

Why can't you fanboys except the fact that many don't like it because its a hollow lifeless experience. Seriously with the tin foil hats, do you really believe its a giant hater conspiracy?? That is fanboy lunacy.

martinezjesus19931498d ago

I think most people that hate on the game have in fact played it. They just havent put in the time needed to properly judge the game. I personally love it and I dont see myself playing anytjing else for a while. I have put 30 plus hours and i have yet to play 2 strikes, the raids, and the 2 crucible modes. It makes me cringe everytime people say there is a lack of content.

urwifeminder1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Bungie go jump off a bridge, am sure they will bounce back.

breakpad1498d ago

the biggest problem of bungie is theat Halo CE (the first one not the crap anniversary) surpasses everything that has developed until now..and all its other sequels or projects were just mediocrities

IQUITN4G1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

I'd agree with that to a certain extent. Halo1 just feels right as a whole still to this day. As much as I like everything since by Bungie in each of their Halo sequels, they never managed quite the same magic. I regularly play each of the Halo campaigns as I love the gameplay in each, but in truth despite how great these games obviously are at times, they're still missing that magical something that Halo1 managed seemingly effortlessly

It's easy though just to ride a bandwagon and say all Halo games after the first were merely ok- certainly that's the line a good majority of pro Sony fans say because they wont know. Playing any Halo sequel for a good amount of time reveals that they are far from mediocre. Disapointing to some maybe that yearn for that Halo1 magic but hardly crap

breakpad1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

i finished Halo 2 also ..and after that i hated t Bungie&MS (HALo 3 and others folowed the same or even worse path)...they had the best FPS ever made in their hands (Halo CE) and because the wanted multiplayer and a scheduled release they destroyed the franchise for good ...HALO 1 IS magic and i say is worth to own an original Xbox only for that game (easily surpasses event today s FPS with ease..Killzone shadowfall copies alot of features from it )...Now that Bungie has a contract with Activision things are even worse ...Destiny looks and plays like a COD and people started to understand the cheap quality of a COD game and got bored the lame mechanics so destiny goes downhill

WeAreLegion1498d ago

Everyone expected an MMO and/or a better story. I just expected great mechanics and fun multi-player. So, I'm enjoying it.

FriedGoat1498d ago

This 100X.
The mechanics are by far the best in a long time for any FPS.
The crucible is amazing, i've spent all my time levelling to 20 in competitive gametypes.
With Bungie support I have no doubts the Crucible is going to be amazing, roll on capture the flag!!!

All these people moaning about a small fraction of the game are crazy. Did anyone play titanfall? Jesus, that game got much higher scores when in reality it has less of everything.

kneon1498d ago

I find The shooting far too easy, the auto aim is just ridiculously strong.

Volkama1498d ago

When Destiny is at its best it feels just like a Halo game.

But a Halo game feels like a Halo game all the time, which is better :)

FriedGoat1498d ago

Halo 4 was the worst halo in recent memory, destiny tops it for me especially in PVP.

Volkama1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

I avoided Halo 4 for about 2 years because I was convinced it would lack the magic of a Bungie game. When I finally played it I was quite impressed, but partly because I had such low expectations.

I would say the "magic touch" that Bungie had has been split quite equally between them and 343i. There are flashes of greatness in both studios, but neither are as good as when Bungie were whole.

I'm still looking forward to Halo 5 though.

Lenrulesdaworld1498d ago

I agree & disagree, the story, graphics & gameplay of 4 was amazing. By far one of the best in the series, better than 3, odst & reachs story imo. But the multiplayer lost me, it failed on to many levels & copied cod to much.

Looking forward to bungie mp & 343i story style in 5 with a taste this fall from MCC.

Fireseed1498d ago

Screw that! Last night I realized what Destiny REALLY reminded me of... Shadowrun.

Volkama1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

As in the Xbox 360/PC cross platform FPS? I guess the gliding feels a lot like that, but I'm not seeing much else of it really. Interesting comparison though.

Fireseed1498d ago

Magic, Blinking, Spell Casting, heck even the map design with its interesting platformed verticality is similar.

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