In-Depth: EA's Quigley On The State Of EA Games

When former Electronic Arts COO John Riccitiello returned to the company last year to serve as its CEO, he immediately made his mark by reorganizing the company into four labels, each of which is then comprised of development studios, under what EA calls the "city-state model."

Mike Quigley serves as group vice president of global marketing for the EA Games label, the group containing both EA's highest number of internal studios as well as the broadest number of genres - ranging from Criterion's racers to DICE's online shooters to newly-acquired BioWare's RPGs.

During a recent EA press event, Gamasutra sat down with Quigley to discuss the charter of the most ambiguous of EA's four labels, how the company fills gaps in its long-term lineup, how Riccitiello's "all about the games" strategy has affected business, and how the BioWare and Pandemic acquisitions kept EA from "getting our ass kicked in RPG and action."

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